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Wanheda Part One Recap

by Evelyn Ulrich

Here it is!  My recap and review for Wanheda, Part One!  This is the earliest that I have finished a recap, and I am quite pleased about it!   Since there is a lot going on in the episodes, it can be difficult to pick up on everything.  I don’t mind it though, because I love doing them.  Writing is my life!  Be aware though that the piece will have spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it just yet, you can choose not to read it.  I won’t be offended if you decide that.


Okay, enjoy!


Pain, Hate, Envy, and Slight Hope For Peace

The 100 03×01

Wanheda, Part One Recap

Aired: January 21, 2016

By: Evelyn Ulrich

    Whew!  That was one hell of a premiere!  My heart is still crazy-palpitating as I write the recap.  So many different things occurred in the opening of season three, but I managed to inhale everything in.  So, who is ready to relive the hardcore anticipation and thrills?  Let’s do this!

     We start off with Bellamy’s voicing (How I missed hearing it!) over the very beginning, showing clips from seasons one and two, and how things changed from being on the Ark and the Ground.  Most of us are still here.  Now, we have Murphy going all kinds of ballistic in the lighthouse bunker and reacting to being confined for eighty-six days.   He views the rest of the diary on the TV, and gets a distorted glimpse of ALIE, and gets even more cray.  The poor man, no one should have a severe mental break like that. But Murphy, being Murphy, hopefully will compose himself.   Murphy is like a force of nature as he tries frantically to open the containment door, but no avail.  He records his anger on a video recorder, aiming at Jaha that he had survived, and yells out, “So, screw you!”  He is about to do something unthinkable, but restrains.  Finally, the containment door opens, and Murphy is free!  Oh, to see the great outdoors again!  But, his curiosity got the best of him as he takes off like a bat out of hell to follow a drone.  He winds up meeting again with Jaha, and collapses from his anger and frustration.  I guess he just could not take the weight anymore.

Bellamy and Lincoln are wrestling, shirtless, and I am not going to lie, but that got my heart reviving.  What is more delicious then two guys demonstrating self-defense?  Ok, I had the moment.  Yet, Lincoln is an excellent teacher as he and Bellamy engage that appears to be a real fight.  Don’t worry, it was for educational purposes as the kids watch in interest as they’re being trained for the Guard.  Apparently, Bellamy was a little too aggressive, and Lincoln got the upper hand.  I thought Bellamy done a fantastic job!  After the demonstration, Bellamy tells Harper to give Lincoln the Guard uninform, and gives an inspirational, motivational piece about how you wear the uniform.  However, Lincoln is not taken by the uniform, as he believes that he is abandoning his Trikru heritage, and is becoming Skikru.  Bellamy assures him that it does not reflect that, and he would be a great help. Bellamy also hopes that Octavia will see that as well.  She still wants to be a Grounder, but is finding it difficult with those around her.

  Bellamy stops by Kane’s office, and said that they should bring ammunition on the scouting journey.  Kane complies, but only if they don’t use them, or it may break the alliance.  Abby awakes from her little nap, and is strongly determined to find her daughter.  We have not seen Clarke yet, so the anxiety is indeed rising here!  Abby thinks that she is in Sector Seven, and together with Kane, they are determined to figure it out.  Bellamy hunts downs Monty who is at the bar, and Bellamy urges that it is time to go.  Monty’s ready to leave, more than ready.  But, sadly, Jasper is passed out under the table, broken by the death of Maya.  Monty believes that the scout mission will be good for Jasper, but Bellamy is doubtful, and usually Bellamy is right!  So, they both grab poor Jasper, and drag him along, but then Bellamy just decides to ditch, and runs off to his flame, Gina.  Okay, I know that I preach and practice ‘ship neutrality,’ but something does not feel right about this.  Very hypocritical of me, but maybe I am just jealous.  Or maybe, I just don’t want Bellamy hurt in any way.  Anyways, the two share a kiss, and she gives him a sentimental gift of a Greek mythology book, and he is deeply moved. So, maybe Gina is not so bad.  As long

As Bellamy puts the book in his bag, Raven wheels out from under the jeep, and she is smiling!  Aww!  That is a first in a long time!  Well, she and Bell have a playful tidbit, but it is all very sweet.  Jasper is snapped out of his turmoil as Monty throws a bucket of water on him, and Jasper pins him to the car in anger.  Monty was just trying to help his brother out during a crisis.  I hope that Jasper will understand.  You can’t drink yourself to escape; you have to face the music.

So, the squad drives off, with Octavia on her loyal horse.  As they drive out of Arkadia, the new name for Camp Jaha, we see a blossoming community with crops, stables, homes, and happy children.  Honestly, I thought it look like something out of the renaissance, but set in the future.  Well, everyone is having a grand time in the roadster, singing along to Femme Fatales, and just being well, like how young adults should act.  Even Jasper is hanging out from the roof!  Too bad that Octavia missed the party.  The fun is cut off and the roadster rolls to a stop shortly when a beacon is showing up on the radar, and the group realizes that is one of the lone stations, Farm.  Monty’s family is from Farm, as well as Miller.  Well, we find out that Miller has a boyfriend, and this show just got better!  Way to rep the LGBTQ community, Miller!   However, Farm crashed onto the range of Section eight, or the Ice Nation.  Protocol tells them to go home, and let the Chancellor decide.  But Bellamy says to screw it as it is too much of an important mission.  With that, the squad races against the clock to find their missing families.

10 Murphy is at the ALIE’s mansion, and he awakes, clean-shaven.  He sees that Jaha is meditating, and tries to snaps him back to reality.  ALIE then explains to Murphy that Jaha was in the City of Light.  So, what it is really, is just a slumber, peaceful state of mind?  Or something much more concrete and deeper?  Murphy scoffs at the whole thing, and finds it incredibly preposterous.  Not in those words, but by the looks of his face tells it all.  When Jaha tells him then about ALIE saving the world, Murphy just storms out, obviously had enough with this three ring circus.  Jaha tries to go after Murphy, but the computer generated lady tells him to let him go, and he will come around.  I don’t know about that, as Murphy is pretty set in his ways.

The squad of Bellamy, Raven, Octavia, Miller, and Jasper race towards the location of the beacon, and when they stop at the mouth of the woods,’ Sadly, and much to their dismay, the beacon is worn around the neck of an Ice Nation Grounder, and Octavia tries to explain in Trigedasleng that that they made an alliance with their Commander.   The Grounders explain that they want Wanheda, and everyone is pretty much clueless.  But, the Grounders are very persistent.  So, the Arkers try again to help, but this does not go well as an intoxicated Jasper goes after them.  Big mistake.  For his action, the Grounder presses a knife to his throat, and if it wasn’t for Octavia’s quick slaying, and the shots the others made, Jasper would have been a goner.   Kudos to Octavia for her precise thinking and always looking out for Jasper!  I am starting to think that the alliance is no more with Jasper’s behavior.  Here we go again.  We get to a tunnel where Bellamy and Monty meet up with Kane and Indra.  Now, they are determined more than ever to find Clarke as they find out that she is being hunted by everyone.  You can see the fear in their eyes as they absorb and digest this news.

At last, we find Clarke, and she looks completely different, and now lives off the land.   She has dyed her blond locks with red berries, and is in full Grounder mode.  She even hunts like a Grounder as she catches a panther (no animals were harmed in the show), and kills it for food.  She does feel remorse though for the poor animal as she says good-bye in Trigalasang.   She takes her kill to one Niylah, who basically worships the ground that Clarke treks on.   She is even wearing her old transmitter bracelet. The both of them share a few words in Trigedasleng, and Niylah just makes all kinds of google heart eyes at the Brave Princess.  I loved it!

Back at Arcadia, Octavia rushes Jasper to seek medical attention.  Abby tells Jackson to take him, but her eyes are averted to Raven, who is having great trouble of getting off her horse.  Abby helps her down, but Raven does not utter a word.  Abby does know that deep down, Raven is in tremendous pain, and is greatly concerned.  Raven is like a second daughter to her, and seeing her like this just breaks her heart.  I hope that Raven accepts the medical attention, but I get why she does not want to burden anyone with it.  The poor girl.

Bellamy, Monty, Indra, and Kane are back in the roadster where they find out what exactly Wanheda means.  Indra goes into detail that Wanheda means ‘commander of death,’ and that Clarke is a symbol, a legend.  She also explains the Ice Nation, one of the Grounder clans, has a bounty on her.  They have a belief that if they kill Clarke, then they will inherit her power.  In fact, the Nation will break the alliance and embark war, just so they can get their hands on her.  At the point, everyone is shaking their heads, and is skeptic about the whole thing.  Come to think of it, it is a little crazy.  Clarke and Bellamy done what they had to do in order to save their people.  Otherwise, the torture and merciless slaughter would never cease.

Clarke and Niylah are back into focus, and can I just say the attraction the pretty Grounder has for Clarke?  It is so damn thick; I can slash with one of Octavia’s swords through it.  Then, this rogue looking Grounder dude comes in, and he is seeking Clarke.  Clarke blends in the background, so she isn’t recognized.  He shows Niylah a drawing, who stated that it is not a strong likeness, but she says that she went up north two days prior.  The rogue Grounder leaves with impish satisfaction.  Clarke then asks why Niylah is helping her, and she tells her that the mountain took her mother, and Clarke ended the reaping.  So, in other words, Clarke brought justice.

In medical, Abby asks for Lincoln’s word about going back to Mt. Weather to use their equipment.  After all, it is far more advanced than Arkcadia.  Lincoln thinks it is a downright rotten idea because it’ll bring risks, and it may bring war.  Jasper then walks out, stating that he is fine, and Abby realizes that it is not worth arguing with him, and lets him go.  She then brings her attention to Raven, and she tries to ask and convince Raven to share her hip pains.

“It’s nothing that I can’t handle,” Raven says with false security.  But, Abby does not buy that, and says that she can help her if Raven allows her to.  Of course, if Raven refused her help before, why would she change her mind now?

IMG_20160122_030942Again, the attention is back on Clarke and Niylah, and this time, things get quite steamy between them.  Niylah point out that Clarke does not have any kill marks on her back, and she addresses to her that her back ‘isn’t big enough.’  So, to steer the course, Clarke begins kissing Niylah, and she is more than happy to reciprocate the affections.  Clarke dissolves all of her troubles and worries away, and just gets lost in the very intimate passion and desires.  For the first time in months, Clarke is free and content.  I loved this scene, not for the sex, but the sharing of two people, and how our mind just erases the trauma so they can have a moment.  I am not just saying this for LGBTQ couples, but for all couples.  I am very happy and acknowledgeable in my heterosexuality, but I also strongly support the LGBTQ community as well, and wish for happiness for them.  It works both ways for me, as it should.

Octavia and Lincoln get into a profound conversation about him joining the Skikru and abandoning his Grounder roots.  Lincoln assures her that Trikru is in the heart, not by the uniform.  Octavia isn’t exactly thrilled with his answer though.   She tries to tell him that her former people is using him for their peace.  She wants to escape with him, but that is not an option.   Lincoln says that Luna is hiding out for a reason, because she does not want the attention.  However, there is still obvious strain in their relationship.

Murphy is still peeved off at everything that has happened, and is about to go his separate ways.  He doesn’t even accept Jaha’s apology for locking him up in the bunker and how it was for his own benefit.   Murphy still doesn’t like ALIE, although Jaha tells him differently.  I cannot formulate my opinion on her just yet, just because we only seen her in a few scenes.  Jaha once again tries to convince Murphy about the City of Light, but Murphy dismisses him, and comments that he is even crazier the before.  Jaha quoted that it will replenish pain, hate, and envy if he goes to the City of Light.  Pain, hate, and envy are the ingredients of John Murphy.  You take those out of the cake, you will not have Murphy.   Then, a small cargo ship appears, and Murphy is surprised to see a smiling Emori.  Aww, that is just too cute!  Murphy is spellbound, and he gets on the boat with her.   Hmm, I guess the ALIE was correct about Murphy coming around.  And, all that it took was a lovely looking girl!

Macallan is attempting steal an object, that resembles a bracelet from the Exchange, but Raven and Gina (I am still questionable) stop him.   Gina suggests that they ‘float’ him, which is a little bit harsh, considering that they dropped all floating for petty crimes. He asks what they want for it, and Raven replies, “One song.”  He goes over to the piano and starts to play, and sing a cover of Add It Up, which was the song that was playing in the roadster earlier.  It creates a mellow and morbid feel, as Raven and Abby sit down to have a drink.  Raven tells her right off that she won’t have the surgery.  And, the discussion is dropped.  Then in the midst of the song, Lincoln decides to spend the night outdoors with Octavia, the boat gang is on full sail, Adina refuses a handgun from Kane, and Clarke awakes from the bed that she is sharing with Niylah with a start, and is engrossed in her emotions once again.  Also, back at the Arkcadia bar, Jasper has a bit of a brawl with Macallan, still very much upset and drunk.  Oh, man.  Luckily, Raven and Abby were there to stop it from getting worse.

The first episode of season three closes when Clarke is captured by that rogue Grounder that was in Niylah’s home earlier, searching for her.  With a sword to her throat and tears in her eyes, his cryptic words were, “Hello, Wanheda.”

I am still not recovered from this premiere, as pretty much the majority of us.  It really blew me away, and expanded my expectations, and dare I say, that I was a little bit cynical about Shawn Mendes singing, but it blended beautifully and just made it much more dark.  His singing is incredible (I am not swooning here because I am older than he is by a good few years), and it just seem to fit.

Next week, we will have even more action, the squad will continue their search for Clarke, and a whole bunch of heartstrings will be pulled!  Oh, I simply can’t wait!

The ‘swords‘ will indicate a rating system, with one being the worst, ten being best.  Do not be surprised if they’re all ten.


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