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The 100 The Queen’s Gambit Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The Queen's Gambit

The 100 The Queen’s Gambit was another emotionally packed episode that had us on the seat’s edge.  It was directed by Lindsey Morgan, who offered her vision to illuminate the storyline.  I think with her panning, transitioning, and emotional depth, it gave The 100 that much needed boost.  See the review for The Queen’s Gambit.

The 100 The Queen’s Gambit Recap-Review

Taking The Evils Out

Episode 7×7 Aired July 1st, 2020

Written by Miranda Kwok; Directed by Lindsey Morgan


Preceding her colleagues before her (Bob Morley, Henry Ian Cusick), Lindsey Morgan has sat in the director’s chair for The Queen’s Gambit.  Morgan not only brought out her unique perspective of The 100, but she also brought out the outstanding talent of her castmates.

And their emotional values.

In The Queen’s Gambit, each character was the key to the storyline; without a specific character, the story would not have been as centered in.  There is also a note of strength when it comes to deliverance.  For Instance, it takes an incredible amount of energy and talent to give believable and empathetic emotional performances.  Without strength, the story will feel hallowed, unimportant, and weak.

Queen's Gambit

Luisa d’Oliveira gives one of her finest performances as she tackles the rising tensions and division of Sanctum.  She wants to give better to live then what her childhood offered her and speaking from experience, it is not an easy transition, but one must make.

On Bardo, we see the prison life of Diyoza, Echo, Gabriel, Hope, and Octavia.  There is not much to do in prison (How the hell should I know though?  I never placed my foot in a cell.) but to talk and get threads woven and re-stitched.

There were some phenomenal pairings of certain characters, albeit that they were complete polarizations.  Because they were opposites, it made their sequences more appealing and truer.

Join me as we recap and review The 100 The Queen’s Gambit, directed by the incomparable Lindsey Morgan.

Emori’s Hopeful Envision

Frikdreina.  That is a name that will stick her forever.  It haunts her from time-to-time, but it does not break her.  It is not her identity and she shed any last remnants of it.

Enter in Luisa d’Oliveira, who began this spectacular episode with her soulmate, Murphy.  There a few romantic and intimate moments that define their relationship, but these moments only highlight it.   She is getting for the Reunification Ceremony-a special event that she pieced together.  The affair is designed to reunite the neglected Sanctum citizens with their estranged loved ones.  It is a fantastic idea as she herself never had something like this.  Perhaps Emori was trying to make up for her own shattered childhood; bringing those together-even though they are not her family gives her a surge of belonging.

Queen's Gambit

And let us face it, we all want to feel belonged at some point in our lives.

To have this party deem successful, Emori must do a bit of scientific preparation beforehand, and how she had done it produced a deep conversation, along with some of her history.

Sitting inside the Sanctum’s bar, Emori shares her own personal abandonment with Nelson.  In many spectrums, they are nearly identical for being cast out by their families (Nelson being a Null; Emori for being a stain on the bloodline) and for the humiliation and shame that both endured.

Their dynamic is gravitational because they give an in-depth glance of their world that is often ignored by those who do not fully understand with being rejected due to physical ailments.  To the disabled community (raises hand) this is what we desire.  We just want those to understand our point of view on matters, and if they do not, then that is on them.

Yet, it is more difficult to get over when you are misunderstood and unaccepted by those who supposedly love you.  Emori is resilient though; she has been since her intro in season two and just like many characters, she has evolved.

So, I am not too concerned about love negligence for Emori.

Nelson, though, simply does not want to be a part of the party, does not want anything to do with his biological family, and just wants to live his life in Sanctum.  I do not mind him doing that because Nelson made his choices and should be respected.

The Queen's Gambit

Then, here comes the clinger.  Despite Nelson telling Emori that he wants his parents to burn, Emori swipes the glass he drank out of to trace his DNA.  By extracting, she can locate his natural parents and invite them to the ceremony.

What started off as probably as good intentions wound up in disaster.  Though greeted with open arms and love from his mother, Nelson’s father still views his son as a Null.  Which is a hard blow, with all things considered.  His father went as far as to attempt to murder him because he was so disgusted.  I must say that it harsh and venomous.  It is one thing to have ashamed parents, but it is a whole other level when one wants to kill their child simply because they are different.

In self-defense, Nelson kills his father, then tries to shoot Emori for trying to bring them all together.  The woman had a wonderfully seeded idea but sprouted backlash.  By no means that fault placates on her as she had a purity in her heart and just wanted to do what was right.

If it were not for Nikki intervening when she did, we would have lost Emori.  But do not think that this “Bonnie Parker” wannabe is a good girl.  Earlier, she and Nelson spoke about teaming up to take over Sanctum.  In the previous episode, Nelson spoke with Sheidheda during an amusing game of chess and he wanted Nelson to gang up with the prisoners so he can have his justice.  I doubt that Nikki conversed with Sheidheda as visitations are under tight restrictions.

The Queen's Gambit

Unless it happened offscreen, for a more dramatic effect.

It does feel coincidental that it wound up happening, but let’s not ignore the fact these two people are near opposites, so they are bound to rev up the already escalating tensions.

The sad thing was that Murphy did not get to see this unfold, and he would have taken that bullet for his love.

False God Vs. False God

Here we go again with another mind-clouding round of chess.  This time, it is Murphy and Shieidheda.  Murphy has probably no clue on how to play the game, but in total essence of his character, he foxes his way in.  Murphy is not daft, so he uses silent manipulating on Sheidheda.

During the game, Sheidheda is getting a bit snappy at Murphy’s truths about his culture.  I must say that it is not the greatest move to try to get on this guy’s bad side, as he can kill you.

The Queen's Gambit

And then there is that whole jealous reaction of Lexa.  Yeah, everyone loved Lexa, so suck it up and get over it.

When Sheidheda brings up Emori though, Murphy gets defensive, naturally. This woman helped him survive, taught him love and self-worth, and anyone who comes at Emori, Murphy will end them.

The Dark Commander will be a harder one to knock; he makes sure that Murphy knows this, and I think that Emori is a big part of his plan.

Which will only be revealed if Murphy wins the game


Seeing Stars

Oh, how our memories come to the brightest light when we are in terrible grief.  Echo is reliving her first kiss with Bellamy on the Ring.  With all the anguish and hurt that she has caused, she is not confident that she will fit in with the others.

Also, my heart, Fankru.  My heart does not want to stop beating.

Yet, Bellamy changes all of that for her and they engage in a discussion of loyalty and weakness.

The Queen's Gambit

“My sister is mine,” Bellamy says in the reflection of his own weakness.

“Your sister is your strength,” consoles Echo.  Her point holds validation because Octavia is the main reason he must go back to the ground.  She has seen him put his passions in returning to her tirelessly, which amplifies her guilt I assume.

Loyalty is Echo’s weakness as it was used as a tool to hurt, rather than to help.  Bellamy reminds her that despite what she had done, they all done some cruel things.   He asks If she could be loyal to them as much as she was to Azgeda and she accepts.  But she is also doubting that this new friendship is permanent because as soon as the group gets back to the ground, it will fall apart.

Bellamy reassures her that nothing will change, but instead of saying it in words, he does it with a kiss.

The 100

The magic that the stars hold.  Echo is of course taken aback, but she knows that this is her place to be.  She finally found everything that she was desiring, everything to move forward, and a person who finally understands her.

It was not perfect at the beginning, but they are more than willing to make it work.  After all, it took three years to forgive.

Besides, he was crushing just by the way he was peering at her.  That cannot be denied.


Family Values

The Anomaly Kru are imprisoned within the cells of Bardo.  As I mentioned previously, there is nothing to do in lockup but talk and maybe do a few workout regiments.  That is pretty much it.

Octavia catches Echo crying and tries to embrace her.  At first, Echo stiffens because she is reminded of their seedy history, and she is drenched in grief.  Octavia holds on tighter, sharing with her that she wished she hugged Bellamy, instead of beating him.  It is a mistake that will haunt Octavia for the rest of her life because she cannot take her actions back.

What is even more astounding is that Octavia called her former enemy her “family”, which I guess is her version of forgiving her.  I knew that it was going to happen, but it went a little beyond that simple hug.

Queen's Gambit

A while later Echo is caught slicing her face, explaining that Azgeda facial scars are a symbolization of letting go of the pain.  She figures out exactly why the Disciples want them.

Recruits.  The last war is coming and Bardo needs all that they will need.

Something tells me though that Echo will only join to only turn against them.  You can take the warrior out of Azgeda, but you can not take Azgeda out of the warrior.

In the adjoining cell, Diyoza and Hope share some pretty acidic stuff.  Mom is not too thrilled about the fact that her daughter has become a younger version of herself; that was something that she was trying to keep secret.  She still views Hope as a precocious ten-year-old, who loves gardening with Auntie O, and reeling in stories of the people that they know.

Despite that Diyoza did the right things in the wrong ways, Hope still looks up to her.  She sees her as this resilient, but a gentle-hearted woman who would do anything for her family.

Then, there is Hope’s biological father McCreary-who is described as a psychopath and ender of the world.  Diyoza may have used him to rank up, but from that came to her greatest gift.

The 100

After a wicked training session (which releases Hope’s childhood disparity) they join Echo, and Hope as Disciples in training.  Anders is sickening proud of their decision to join his “cult.”  But watch out man.  You do not want to mess with these four women as you will not win.

Too bad Gabriel is missing out on the fun.

Rise Of The Shepard

Finally!  We get to meet the infamous Shepard.  Anders goes inside a secret chamber where a preservation unit is stored.   After reciting a holy phrase, (“From the Ashes.  Through the Bridges.  The Shephard Will Rise” …) and unlocking it, the Shepard rises, and it is no other than Bill Cadogan himself.

Not that it was not much of a shock because after all, it was he who started the crazy, Second Dawn cult.  Yeah, the man had great ideas of saving the human race, but now look at where they are.  I am sure that he will regret waking up.  I would not wake up with knowing how the present is.  Or in Cadogan’s case, the future.

Queen's Gambit

What are Cadogan’s plans though?  Does he have a set agenda in place and if they do win the war, where will they be transported to?  What will be gained, and what will be lost?

There is much debate on the subject matter, but at least we get to see Cadogan once again.

Next Stop: Bardo

Clarke and kru have arrived on Bardo after a detour on Nakara.  They do not have much screen time, but the sequence does play an emotional impact.  The impact is fully centered on Clarke.

You can hear the cracking of her heart the second Gabriel reveals that Bellamy is dead.  She is just in broken up shock, her world suddenly losing its value.   For her, going without her partner will be a challenge.  Bellamy has always been her balance and support, and without them, how will she lead?

The Queen's Gambit

Her reaction-though may not be much-still spoke volumes.

But do not underestimate Clarke as she is a fighter in full heart and head, so with his “death” her tenacity and ferocity will only escalate.  She may join the other women in the war, only to turn on Anders and his Disciples.  It feels plausible as she was searching for them too.

We must wait and see Fankru.

Bonus Bullets

  • I loved Jackson’s and Madi’s psychiatric session. We are examining Madi’s personal trauma and insecurity and how she felt about the Flame being injected.  Jackson has a solid case about Bellamy going against Clarke’s wishes, even though the reasoning behind felt right.  No one, especially a child, should be pressured as such.
  • I want to relearn chess. Murphy making the Queen’s Gambit move illuminates his survivor’s identity and he is not afraid to take any risks.
  • What does Madi know about the Stone?   Her drawings are foreseeing.
  • Lindsey Morgan should direct from here on out. Her style is just serene and very gorgeously laid out.
  • Gabriel being offered a job to discover the secrets of the Stone is looking like a bad move.
  • Any bets on who the dead guy is?
  • Who baked the Unification note inside the cookie? And why must Sheidheda know about the ceremony?
  • Becho’s first kiss.  🥰
  • The flashback would have worked in season five respectively, but it also works now as it accentuated Echo’s pain.
  • Everyone’s grief process is different, and no two people are the same.
  • Where is Gaia, and why no mention of her?
  • Does anyone else think that Cadogan resembles Jim Henson a bit?
  • Clarke’s top is what I want.
  • We are going to have a lot of angry grief coming up; I can just feel it.

What did you like about The Queen’s Gambit?  What did you think of the flashback?  Will Nelson and Nikki take over Sanctum?  How will Clarke process her growing grief?

Next time on The 100:

Anaconda, the backdoor pilot for the potential prequel!

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