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The 100 The Queen’s Gambit Promo and Stills

by Evelyn Ulrich
The Queen's Gambit

In the next episode, The 100 The Queen’s Gambit, the drama in Sanctum and Bardo continues!  In fact, things will get a bit crazy.  See the promo and stills for it below!

The 100 The Queen’s Gambit Promo

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sjF9fHcvUw[/embedyt]

Lots of drama, huh?  Just do not let Emori die, okay?


In the press release for The 100 The Queen’s Gambit, I predicted that Echo and Octavia will bond, which will be considered a glow-up in their hostile relationship.  Maybe past transgressions will be forgiven as they happened so many years ago and they’ll grieve together for they both lost the same man that they loved.

Echo herself will go through an identification journey and who she’ll become without someone to follow.  It will be a little harder for her as Bellamy was the first and only person that she truly loved, albeit her following.

What do you like about the trailer and photos?  Do you think Sanctum will get out of control?

UPDATE:  We now have the stills in high-resolution!  Please click on the provided link to access them!

The Queen’s Gambit High-Res Photos

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