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The 100 The Stranger Preview

by Evelyn Ulrich
The Stranger

Bellamy Blake has returned from Etherea as a whole new man and we are having profound difficulty trying to adjust to this new character schematic.   For his friends and loved ones, they too are in a wave of grief over Bellamy’s new belief system.  It is an awkward situation all around.  In The Stranger, we are going to see his transformation as a detailed whole.

The Stranger Sneak Peek One

Sheidheda has taken over Sanctum with a full, evil heart.  Now the citizens are under the intense pressure to survive his reign-if they can.  It is more than likely they will succumb to drastic measures to do so.  Right now, my priority concern is focused on Madi because Sheidheda has the ol’ creepy eyes on her.  He wants to end her innocent life because it’s a domineering threat.

Murphy, Emori, and Indra will not allow that to happen to Madi and will probably take the wraith from Sheidheda in exchange for her life.

Sneak Peek Two

Echo and Raven are completely disheartened when they are approached by Bellamy and his new epiphanous ways.  For Echo, it s especially hard because this is the man that she loves and to see that he shows no emotion other than, “Your face” is very insulting and alien.

You did not fall in love with Echo for her looks Bellamy; you have fallen in love with her for her internal strength and livelihood.  It is degrading that you have said that.

As for Raven, her refusal to help him will end direly.  I hate to see her or anyone else suffer because of his zealous brainwashing.

I just hope that Bellamy snaps out of this mental hold before anything tragic happens.

But it might be too late.

Sneak Peek Three

Bellamy and Cadogan discuss the fate of Bellamy’s friends for their part of the Disciple massacre.  A small fraction of me believes that the old Bellamy is slipping out of the wash because he comes up with a bargain that may be useful and more fluid than a death sentence.  The repair and to refurbished the Flame/Key so that they can get the code.

Which reflects that a trip back to Sanctum to unearth the Flame so that it can be brought back.

Cadogan thinks that this can be done, not only to begin the last war but to see his children again.  He has felt the heavy burden of grief and loss and allowing to become the Shepherd of a doomsday cult has chipped away some of the grief.

This leads to the theoretical belief that the Disciples’ emotionless follow is a descent of grief.  It would make absolute sense because you will not feel the loss as much if you train yourself to become numb to its feelings.

Inside The Stranger

First and foremost, congratulations to Blyth Ann Johnson on her writing debut!  It is always a privilege to see the imagination of a story come to fruition and the feeling that it entails.  The Stranger will follow the major themes of this season and with the unfolding effects of the previous events.

Bellamy has a completely new mindset after his journey on Etherea, and everyone is freaked out by it.  This will be difficult for all to come to terms with, especially when this is a very significant person in their lives.  The most challenging comprehension is going to be the suffering because Bellamy does not want his light to be distinguished.

In Sanctum, Sheidheda is now the terrorizing dictator and that places everyone on life alarms.  Whoever steps away from his rule will be killed; it is no more a safe and peaceful environment.

In case you missed it, there are some lovely high-resolution photos from the episode!

The 100 airs Wednesday

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