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The 100 The Stranger Promo and Stills

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 The Stranger

Just a few more episodes until The 100 SERIES FINALE happens.  I know, I know, it is depressing for me as well.   Anyways, the promotional material has been released for The 100 The Stranger and they are chock-filled with suspense.  Check them out below.

The 100 The Stranger Promo

Wow.  So much is happening in this twenty-second promo!  Where to even begin?  There is a bit of a relationship strain between Bellamy and Echo as she tries to convince him that his new belief is not him.   Others are doing the same as they try to get him back to where he was prior.   Secondly, Clarke is being M-capped and is fighting it and for the love of God, just leave her alone.

We are also back in Sanctum with the ongoing Sheidheda stuff and Jordan and Hope share a tender hug.  Why they are hugging, that I do not have the answer to, but if I must take a guess, it might have to with sharing something heartbreaking and bonding over that.

Honestly, how they manage to pack so much “punch” into a short video is beyond me.

Before Bellamy replaced Anders and stolen his clothes and possibly his suite, he was on a spiritual quest with Conductor Doucette on the planet Etherea and came back to Bardo a changed man.


Raven finally got a shower and what is up with Nikki?

You can also find these stills in the gallery in high resolution!

Following The 100 The Stranger, there will be a break until September.

No Title

Next week’s episode of #The100 will be followed by another break before all-new episodes return in September. More details: pic.twitter.com/rKnaRIyDBz

The 100 airs Wednesdays

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