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The 100 Red Queen Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Red Queen

The 100 Red Queen, the second chapter into the fifth season is by far one of the best written episodes (and gruesome) to date.  It had drive and hardcore emotions, as well as the questioning of humanity.  Check out the recap-review for Red Queen to fill you up on what went down.  *The following article will contain spoilers.  Read at your own risk.*

The 100 Red Queen Recap-Review

“My Blood Is Red and It Will Always Will Be”

Episode 502 Aired May 1, 2018

Evelyn Ulrich 


Action, choices, wars, leadership, and blood were all present in the episode, Red Queen.  It was certainly not for the faint of heart, but at the same time, you could not look away.  I must admit, and no offense to the actors, that this was difficult to watch.  It was also raw, depressing, and heart wrenching.   Yet, it was also notable to see how Octavia has fitted into the role of Commander and what she has done to keep the peace within the tomb.

The journey of Octavia certainly has been rough waters.  From the little girl in the floor to now a leader of Wonkru-which if you contemplate this, she is leading underground.  However, she had to seek advice from her elders and learn just how to do so.  It was not an easy plight, but wars are never easy. 

When a dangerous and threatening revolution breaks out in the bunker, started by Kara Cooper, before the time jump, Octavia must make a choice to save humanity.  She was not ready for this, but if she does not do something, everyone will succumb to death.  So, Octavia teams up with Jaha to come up with a solution to save their people.  Of course, salvation comes with a price.

We all know that Octavia does not have the fondest memories of Jaha, and she has every reason to.  After all, he was the one responsible for her mother’s death, her lockup for being born, and treating her life like it was nothing when she was dropped to the ground with the rest of the hundred.   I believe that it was this stark contrast and Jaha’s teachings about being a leader made her arc work.  Octavia follows his given advice and steps out to resolve.  She makes it very clear-and bloody to those who refuses her orders.  Her approaches are riveting and dark, perhaps unconventional, but was it needed?

The 100 Red Queen

Abby’s Guilt And Krunch Of Kabby

While Red Queen was spot-lighted on Octavia, that does not mean that it was directed away from the other characters.  One of the phenomenal narratives was the dynamic of Kane and Abby.  When Abby revealed that it was Clarke on the other side of the hatch, despite Kane’s skepticism, it touched based on Abby’s affection and love for her daughter.  And it made me cry.  Later when they were captive in the garden, Kane tries his best to have Abby understand her value of life, why he couldn’t allow herself to sacrifice, and how it was important.   She was angry at the fact that her personal choice was dashed, and it created a brief break.  Then, a secret was revealed faintly that Abby was relying on pills.  Why she had become addicted to them it was because of the pain and guilt that she had endured.  But this theory is yet to be proven, and I am hoping that it will be.  Kane and Abby will face obstacles this season, and the scene that unfolded shadowed this.  All relationships go through turbulence, but Kane believes that they will “weather the storm” and they will be unbreakable as time goes on (assuming that no more month-long glitches will occur) and that their love will prevail any dark moments.

Kane’s honesty emphasized that the love that he has for Abby is purity and one of the deepest that was shown on The 100.  He allowed himself to feel, and by doing so, it facilitated him to become a better person.  As for Abby, knowing that she has a partner in Kane allowed herself to break down her barriers, share the vulnerabilities, and having the ability to feel affection once again.    

The 100 Red Queen

Jaha Out

It was not news that Isaiah Washington was leaving this season, and his departure from the show, which he encapsulated Thelonious Jaha so extraordinary and real, was that much more emotional.  Jaha went out peacefully after saving his people once more.  Surrounded by Abby and Kane, along with Octavia, his farewell gave us the representation of heroism.  Like Octavia, and all the others, Jaha too had a hard journey and path.  Perspective-wise, Jaha was never fully at peace with himself after losing his son and knowing that he was going to be reunited with Wells, he was about to be given that.  He was going to be finally happy, and he knew that his fight was over, and his existence made an imprint.  Octavia’s presence was symbolic (something that was handled through out) as it was viewed as his final forgiveness.  She forgave Jaha for what he had done, and she was able to let go of the hatred.  She understood what it took to become a leader, and certain choices could mean life or death.  His death also was the final piece of redemption, and as I stated prior, redemption and forgiveness are two of The 100 strong points.  I believe without them, a human cannot live a full life.

Jaha only had done what he thought was right for the survival and sake of his people, knowing what harsh repercussions it would bring.  While he may not have been a popular figure to look up to, his philosophies and persistence of helping his people live sculpted arcs for all the characters on the show.  I think that each of them learned something from Jaha, and whether they loved him or hated him, he gave them a unique power to live. 

“We made death the enemy.  That is how we survived.”

The 100 Red Queen

Kara Cooper, the AntiChrist

Red Queen gave way to a new character tonight-Kara Cooper (Kyra Zygorsky) whose storyline was the major climax of how Octavia was molded into a leader.  She hates the way things are going down in the bunker, fueled with anger at0 Kane at Abby for the deaths of her husband and father, and does not favor that the bunker is way too crowded.  Kara takes things to her own accord and forms a coup of fellow Skaikru and takes over.   Of course, this will cause great tensions among everybody, and it will not solve the problem of starvation and survival.  Fortunately, Kara was stopped and arrested after the doors were unlocked, and was sentenced to die for her crimes, along with the other guilty.  Yet, this was not the traditional sentence as Octavia felt that it was right for their infractions.  If they wanted to live, then they must fight for it-in gladiator games style.  The method will also keep population levels down, and to weed out the criminals.  It seems like a very harsh and undiplomatic approach, not to mention completely nerve-wrecking for the opponents. 

Kara wins the first round, undefeated and wins the trust of Octavia.  With this, we can safely assume that Kara will be loyal to Octavia, and that her narrative is not yet completed.

Merry Mackson

The only light that came from such a dark chapter was the couple of Miller and Jackson.  While that they did not have very many scenes together, what was given was what we wanted out of this ship.  It was true, and it made my little heart happy to see something so grand.  I might be overemphasizing as this was such a dark episode, and that Mackson was the opposite of that.  But, who cares?  This was proof yet again that even in the most dangerous and intense times, that there is something positive.  Miller empathizing with Jackson that he was not a fighter, but a healer, and that was the reason why he loved him, made it that much more precious.   

Jackson is the third male character to come out, and his story (okay, we can all agree that we want more Jackson storylines, ja?  Ja?) has been greatly projected in Red Queen.  If you read my Eden review, then you know that I stated life is filled with all kinds of relationships and The 100 has shown the audience that.  Many of them started off on the wrong foot, but I never been a fully blown shipper, but I do enjoy the occasional romance, as well as analyzing the many different ships. 

Both men deserve each other, and they deserve the contentment.  I just hope that Mackson will have more sweet scenes like this in further episodes.  It doesn’t hurt to have more Mackson, doe its?

The 100 Red Queen

 All Heil Blodreina

If there was ever a metamorphosis of a character, Octavia Blake is the definition.  She has made the most transformations through the seasons.  Whether it was that carefree young girl chasing butterflies in season one, to a skilled warrior in season two, a broken soul in season three, to trying to save everyone in season four, to the full fledge Blodreina (Reign of Blood) in season five.  Through the changes, came the emotions, and discovery of worth.  Octavia may have found her place, but I do fear however, that she will go down as one of the most notorious commanders in Grounder culture and that her reign will not be as respected and loyal.  At least, that is how Bellamy will see it as. (spoiler alert!)

Gaia at first didn’t accept the fact that Octavia is red-blooded, an insult and insolence to the Nightblooded commanders before her.  The respect was earned once Gaia witnessed the spirit and the ferocity of Octavia during her battle for Wonkru.  She realized that being a dedicated and masterful commander is not based on the color of blood, but on the soul, heart, and mind of one who truly desires unity and amity for their people.  With her acceptance came with an honored role on the Court after the six-year jump.  Indra, who has been a proud mentor and mother figure to Octavia, has probably indirectly prepped her for this role, and now that she is, she might have bit more off than she can chew. 

Will Octavia allow her newfound authority get inside her head?  Will this be her strength or her greatest enemy? 

The 100 Red Queen

Final Verdict 

Red Queen truly has to be on of the most complex and well-formed The 100 episodes yet.  However, I do think that the gore could have been cut down a little as it was a bit much.  Also, it will create more of an emphasis on the story and we as the viewers can depict the events in our mind and we can shape it.

While The 100 has had deaths of characters, Jaha was the first peaceful one, and he deserved it.  Although, it does not make the situation any more joyful.


Bonus Bullets

·         The bond between Jaha and Ethan Hardy was amazing, and Jaha lived up to his promise of watching out for him after Ethan’s father passed away. 

·         Although Red Queen was phenomenal, it did give me a little too much blood to absorb. 

·         Mackson, Mackson, Mackson! 😍❤ 

·         It’s almost ironic how Octavia was hidden under the floor for sixteen years, then became leader of a locked-up world underground.  Which begs the question, has she been destined to be the Commander?

·         Although I did miss Spacekru and Clarke, it’s great to see the insight of the other characters.

·         Indra is always on point.  

·         Ethan may have looked a little too impressed with the death games.

·         Why the hell is Kane in the pits?

·         And how did Abby react to that?

·         Niylah is my fashion icon in Grounder gear.

·         Where was she six years later though?  I am concerned!

·         No cannibalism.  Though the ARK horror story of the blight was enough.  But still, I would have liked to observe and analyzed it with the Donner Party (Oregon/California Trail, 1846-1847)

·         Bellamy will be surprised indeed at Octavia when they reunite.  And they same for her.

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