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Chuku Modu Promoted To Main In The 100 Season 7

by Evelyn Ulrich
Chuku Modu

We have another supporting cast member being given the star treatment.  Chuku Modu, who stars as Gabriel Santiago, has been promoted to series regular for The 100‘s seventh season.

Gabriel has started off as Xavier, the leader of the peaceful group Gabriel’s Children.  When it was revealed that he was actually Gabriel, the doctor in Sanctum, who aided Russell Lightbourne, the followers somewhat parted their divinity.

Chuku Modu

Yet, with the assistance from Clarke and Bellamy (who exchanged clothes in a brotherly fashion), Gabriel managed to help the citizens in Sanctum in finding the truth and worshiping false gods.  The revolution led to the Lightbourne’s being shipped off into space (then landing back down again) and the cease of inhumane cult living and practices.

Chuku Modu is the second recurring cast member to be upped to regular.  The first was Shelby Flannery-who stars as adult Hope Diyoza.  The latest addition to the season 7 line-up is Alaina Huffman, who has been cast as Nikki.

The 100 will air its seventh and final season during the CW 2020 midseason.

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