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Alaina Huffman Joins The 100 In Season 7

by Evelyn Ulrich
Alaina Huffman

When one says a new character would come into the picture, one certainly doesn’t lie.  Supernatural and Smallville alumni Alaina Huffman h0as been added to The 100 cast line up for its last season.  The Canadian actress will have an interesting recurring role that will be pivotal.

Meet Nikki, (Alaina Huffman) one of the awakened Eligius prisoners.  According to an official statement made by the show’s producers, Nikki is a professional criminal.  See the description of Huffman’s new character and how she’ll affect Sanctum below.

“One of the newly-awakened Eligius IV convicts, Nikki is a bank robber and spree-killer who is both unpredictable and fierce. She will take on an unexpected leadership role, advocating for her people in the complicated new world of Sanctum.”

It feels like yet another war will be brewing between hero and enemy.   The prisoners were tossed aside last season and were forgotten.  It also chips away from the fact that Madi allowed them their lives and safety in the season 5 finale.

Another possible dynamic will be is how Nikki might clash with Clarke as leaders often do when they first approach her.  As for Clarke though, that won’t be much of a problem because Clarke always wins in the confrontations.

Alaina Huffman

Another addition to the cast is Shelby Flannery, who portrays adult Hope Diyoza.

The 100 has been renewed for its seventh and final season that will air in 2020.

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