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The 100 Season 6 Preview: Finding Our Way Back Home

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Season 6 Preview

The 100 season 6 will air next Tuesday on the CW.  To energize you for the much-awaited event, I have constructed a preview of the first two episodes, Sanctum and Red Sun Rising.  There are some very vague spoilers, and teases, so read at your own risk.

 Previewing The 100 Season 6

Finding Our Way Back Home

With the season 6 premiere coming our way April 30th, I thought that it’d be the appropriate time to drop my preview so that you can prepare yourselves.  Or not.  The choice is yours. Though, let it be warned that I will not be mentioning major spoilers as that holds no fun or responsibility on my part.  So, if you are looking for them here, look elsewhere.  Now that being out of the way, let’s begin!

A Preview Before the Preview

Season 6 has been sparse on the spoilers as we waited and waited for any new mentions from the CW, Warner Brothers, and Jason Rothenberg himself.  Under strict contractual agreements, the cast wasn’t allowed to peep one word about it, even though we tried our best to seep it out.

Can’t blame us for trying, albeit it was all in vain and nothing gained.

In a matter of a few weeks, we got a hypnotic, 60’s festival inspired poster, a rather maniacal trailer (um, make that two trailers). a fresh batch of promo pictures, and colorful opening credits.  This was more than enough to fill our appetites and get us hyped for the new season.  New characters were introduced, new scenery unfurled, and the dawn of a new, confident beginning.

Exploring Sanctum

Episode One: Sanctum

In order to truly appreciate and engross in the impressive grail of Sanctum, I invested some time to rewatch the pilot episode as the season 6 premiere is very reminiscent of the first season premiere.  Now, there are several bits that made it revitalizing; the characters are given yet another opportunity to regain hope and the survival of the human race.  It’s spectacular, but once again, the weight of such responsibility is present.

The 100 Season 6 Preview

Like the pilot, Sanctum harbors nearly identical circumstances everyone is set to leave on the new planet.   They’re hesitant, they do not know what is down there, and all they must go on is the thread of Monty’s (Christopher Larkin) last words of “Be the good guys.”  Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) is feeling the weight most of all, as she is the one who gives her entire soul and mind of trying to keep everyone alive.  As a fan, and major Clarke stan, I have never lost my admiration for her, as she throws her own struggles aside to save those that she loves, or at least tries her best to.  What is infuriating about this though is that no one ever paid her gratitude.   It’s infuriating, no doubt, but Clarke is still persistent, her never-ending goal of life never slipping from her fingers.

That is who Clarke Griffin is and will always be.  She had made mistakes last season, and people are not going to let her off the hook just yet, sad to say.  The way Sanctum has set the narrative and ignition for season 6, it appears that forgiveness will be eventual.

Sanctum takes place right after the season five finale, so there is no time jump.  After being in cryo for 125+ years, a small fraction of the group descends to the New Planet, taking in the adventure.  There are obstacles ahead, but the group is determined to make things right.

The New Planet is painted with vibrancy, unexplored horizons, (at least, everyone thinks so), and the thirst to start over, to become the ‘good guys’ that Monty dreamed of for his family.

The 100 Season 6 Preview

Whether the gang can live up and honor their friend’s wishes and visions for a better future, is yet to be seen, as it is still premature.  However, in Sanctum, Clarke and Bellamy (Bob Morley) are certainly trying.  In fact, while the two still have major tension between them (not that kind of tension!), the leader is just as true as before.  I truly believe that season six will be a fresh new start for Bellamy and Clarke.  The first episode clearly reflects their partnership as they start over, the head thinking with the beating heart.  It’s monumental, but their relationship has been anything but.

We also get the first on-screen thorough interaction of Jordan Green (Harper and Monty’s son), how he adjusts to the others, and overall being.  Shannon Kook is a wonderful and needed addition to the diverse cast.  He certainly knows Jordan and to watch him breathe life into this warm character is refreshing.

Opening A New Book

When season 5 finalized last August, we were left with Monty Green logging off and the ending of Book One.  At the time, it made sense, but it didn’t allow itself to click in yet because of the glorious way that it ended.  And I didn’t want to say good-bye to Monty and Harper.

I guess you can embody the impression that I was an emotional wreck.  And, you are not wrong, as I was.

Turning the pages of Book Two was like reading a whole new storyline, but the past issues and traction are still very much in the open.  Thus, the questions of forgiveness and moving forward arise when we see the characters address their conflicts.  If the opportunity arises, wouldn’t you want to at least attempt to move forward so that life could be better?

One such character who will be facing conflict with others, especially with her brother, will be Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos).  She has a rather, let’s say, interesting redemption journey this season.  She will be shedding off her Blodreina alter ego, dealing with the ramifications of sentencing Bellamy to death, and just filled with corrupted power.  While some of her actions did save a chunk of her people, many were in fear of her.  In fact, after watching Octavia in Sanctum, I am still a bit afraid.  Yet, if there is any fragment of the girl who chased the glowing butterflies in season one from within, then there is still hope for her virtue.

The 100 Season 6 Preview

Raven Reyes is still as fierce and sharp-tongued, but she outlets anger over a past event in season 5.   Her trust in the few people that she enamored has been sliced, placing a serious strain on the relationship.  From her perspective, it’s common to have this reaction, but I also see the other party’s despondency.  It’s a delicate and troubling predicament, as both people are affected.  That doesn’t eliminate the magnificent talent Lindsey Morgan poured this season.  She is filled with complexed emotion, something that I always found fascinating in Raven and how she delivers it with such purity.  For her character, I really would like to see more positive arcs and structure among other characters.

Towards the end of Sanctum, the environment for season six begins to transition.  The madness and psychosis realms start in invest in the characters, and while it’s terrifying to watch (demons are demons after all), it’s also very thought-provoking because we as the audience want to know more about how this will impact everyone and their relationships.  More so, I have a feeling that Monty’s last words will be challenged during the ordeal because it seems like no one has any control or conscience when the Eclipse Psychosis takes hold.

Feeling the Burn Of The Two Suns

Episode Two: Red Sun Rising

I must admit, that screening Red Sun Rising, the second episode of season six had my stomach in a small twist.  Not only did it prove the tone for the rest of the season, but it was a bit tough to watch because of the heavy mental breakings.  Don’t get me wrong-it was surreal and raw, unlike anything before, and immersing.

There is a bit of historical background on the New Planet and the early citizens.  Then, it flashes back to the current day and sheds light on the characters both on the ground and Mothership.  Clarke and her friends are having a hell of a time adjusting to the ground as the psychosis takes full effect; those who are deeply scarred are suffering the most.

The 100 Season 6 Preview

The setting of where the characters are unleashing demons itself is polarizing because it usually represents innocence and unity.  It creates an even darker element, causing us to focus on the maniacal behaviors even more.

However, despite the craziness, there is a bit of laughter ringing in.  Bellamy reveals a more ‘comic’ side of his character, which is so not a ‘Bellamy’ thing.   But best be warned, this is probably just part of the spooky takeover.  But nonetheless, it was very amusing.

Meanwhile, back on the ship, things get out of control very quickly.  There are multi-levels of chaos and strife among everyone.  It seems like no one wants to let go of the past, and it clearly shows.  One character has a breakdown for their actions, and so their redemption path begins.

What seems to be the dynamic highlight on the ship are two bad-ass women combating a surprise attack.   One is beyond brilliant of unfolding a plan of rescue, and together, it’s an unlikely pairing.  But a necessary one.

As for the ones on the ground, they’re reunited with another grouping of their people.  How it was set in motion gave a mere indication on how certain relationships will move forward with their own hostility.  If they do at all.

The ending of Red Sun Rising prompts with an unexpected, heart-jolting twist that’ll make the audience spark more curiosity.  I have an infinite amount of questions about it that will hopefully, have answers.

In conclusion, the first two episodes transitioning in the new season was remarkable.  They offered lots of details that elaborate The 100 and stayed true its vast storytelling.

The 100 Season 6 Preview


  • Aside from the dark material, there were plenty of light-hearted and affectionate moments. Two couples have special moments.
  • The dynamic between Clarke and Bellamy is always spot on when it comes to working together. Or even at each other.  It’s a complicated, but well-written arc.
  • Murphy is a sass ass and you cannot take that away.
  • Also, there is some silliness from him.
  • As I mentioned before, there are many connections to the pilot and Sanctum.
  • Visualization of the New Planet is breath-taking and certainly doesn’t resemble Vancouver.
  • Abby and another healer are working together and it’s a sweet moment.
  • What is Kane’s fate after this?

Season 6 is headed in a great start, with much more to navigate and debate.  One last note:  The 100 has never failed to deliver the conflict without the conscientious morality behind it.

The 100 season 6 will air April 30th on the CW.

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