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The 100 Exit Wounds Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Wounds

The 100 Exit Wounds, unleashed dramatic substances and instigated an old hatred.  Here is the recap-review for the sixth episode, with all that unfolded.

The 100 Exit Wounds Recap-Review

Heavy Lies Will Bleed

Episode 506 Aired June 5, 2018


Scars are reopened and bled in Exit Wounds, the sixth installment of The 100 season 5.  It was a battle among families and trying so hard to protect their loved ones.  While it may have been the “one” that certain fans would be hoping for (I am through with the negativity), Exit Wounds offered and gave all the feelings and courage the show is relished for.

A Star-Crossed Romance

Contrary to widespread belief, I enjoy Becho, (I am not going to deny that.) and Exit Wounds explained just how far Bellamy and Echo have come.  I admit that this was a bit underdeveloped in terms of the narrative, but I think it adds that mystique, the unexpected allure.  Saying that is what sets Becho apart from the other couples on The 100, and it’s interesting and fun to create theories of how they eventually became one.

The 100 Wounds

Octavia has become so consumed with fiery red anger that it is burning.  She has not let go of the actions Echo has done in the past, and while it’s understandable, Echo was only trying to save her people, and how many of the characters on The 100 were trying to save their own factions, their own people?  It is incomprehensible of what we may have to do to survive, and Echo is no different than the others.

Is she truly redeemed?  Perhaps so, to the outsider, but we must redeem ourselves if we wish for the honor.  In my perspective on the redemption, I don’t think everyone has soulfully forgiven themselves, but they are trying to make things right and trying to go forward with new hopes and journeys.   We cannot undo the past, but we can grow and learn from the mistakes.   That is all part of humanity-life.

Bellamy sees and understands the things Echo had to do to try to save Azgeda, because he had done the same things as well for his people.  I love Bellamy, but I am not going to be delusional and have oblivion for his past actions.  He committed genocides, was brainwashed and betrayed for the survival of his people.   How is this any different than the crimes Echo committed?

It is not.  Except the two were once opposing sides.  When Bellamy and Echo learned about one another as people and not enemies on the Ring (flashback please) during the six years, they realize that their pasts can be something to connect on.  It is a vital piece to their romance, and sharing them allowed the wounds to heal, and move forward.  They’ve shared the traumas of Mt. Weather, thus deepening the connection that the two have.  That was the narrative that intrigued me as a viewer, seeing how these two people will thrive together to get out of the dangers, despite coming from different homes and ideals.

Bellamy and Echo both took responsibility for their actions as Bellamy learned from Clarke to see the darkness of his ways and forgave himself, whereas Echo learned from him.  This is not a tricky thing to take hold of, as we often take the teachings of someone we care about to the next.

For Echo’s character growth, having being latched on to another-especially a partner does not necessarily deflect or disservice it.  Sometimes, having the other person can make you a tougher individual as you have someone to fight against the barriers and for.  And being in love certainly does give Echo a glow, something that she never embodied.

If she did not care for Bellamy, she might have fought against Octavia again.  Only she wants to make peace with her, even is grateful for saving Azgeda even though she was banished.  Octavia, however, does not reciprocate.

Bellamy hates the person his sister has become over the past six years and tries several attempts to show her that shedding blood and pointless executions is not the honorable way to rule and it is inhumane.   He obviously misses the little girl from under the floor, and he just wants her back, or at least understand his viewpoints.

The 100 Exit Wounds

If the sword fight fails to get Bellamy’s persuasion across, then I don’t know just Octavia will be dissuaded.

I can fully understand Octavia’s judgment on Echo as six years ago, she did try to kill her.  She didn’t see Echo in the past six years grow and change as an individual, so her memory is still very much scorned.

Octavia offers leniency to Echo if she can spy on the defectors and hand them over.  She is not going to though as she knows that this is very much wrong, yet she has a better plan.  With the smarts and knowledge of Monty (I missed him), she will disable the laser-com or the “eye” on the mothership using a thumb drive with the software.  If successful, Eligius and Diyoza won’t be able to track Wonkru or see their activity.  It will be a very risky mission as Echo can be very much killed.

The 100 Exit Wounds

Octavia knows-or at least believes that Echo will fail at the task, and that is why so was able to change her tune so quickly.  Yet, Echo is no fool; she still has her survivors’ edge within her, (still can be icy) and while she was taken as a prisoner with Eligius, she does not fail.  She has done it to save her people and to prove her loyalty.  Also, the placement of the thumb drive inside the wound was a cold, but wise choice and no one saw it coming.

The intimacy between Bellamy and Echo was not really the sign of a breakup,  but more of what if we do not see one another again?  I can see it in both their eyes that it is very possible, and for that reason, it weakens them.  So, love can be a weakness?  Well, what do you know? The 100 has surprised me yet again.  It also brings me back to the Octavia and Indra discussion of love is a weakness in Shifting Sands, and Octavia turns her gaze to her brother.  It may have been a foreshadow, or just a solid coincidence, but it seemed to emulate the scene.

They’ll be in each other’s’ lives again; this mission though will be a true test of their devotion and love.  The heart-pulling verdict of not allowing Bellamy die for her (my heart, man!), really spoke measures for Echo, yet if you clearly think about it, she has indirectly saved his life on many occasions.  This is the first that she indulged to him, and it reverts to when they were both at Mt. Weather where Bellamy didn’t allow her to die in the harvest chamber.

The things that we must do for love at times.  Foolish, dangerous, steamy, and well worth it.

Mother Hen Is Entitled To Peck

Madi has finally met her idol, but the outcomes will be grim.

The Madi and Clarke storyline in Exit Wounds was phenomenal, to say the least.  A mother will do anything to secure the safety of her child.  Clarke stepping up to the plate by fabricating about Madi’s night blood just ensures her love.  Clarke, fearing of what Octavia will do if she discovered that Madi was the last true Natbilda, lied to protect her was such an example.  Yet, with a lie, no matter the reasoning will be shot back, and with harder consequences.

That was the case when Gaia found out the truth and is trying to keep secretive about it.  Her ways of keeping mum are unorthodox as she attempts to murder Niylah for she too knows about Madi.

Clarke’s plans and responsibilities for Madi may have boomed even further as Madi voluntarily goes to Octavia, reveals the truth, and becomes the newest member of Wonkru.  Clarke is probably being at her wit’s end over this, because here she is, trying her damnedest to keep Madi away from this dangerous leader, going to send Madi away, only to find out that Octavia has clearly taken over the motherly role.

The 100 Exit Wounds

There is nothing more back-stabbing then someone else stealing away your child.  Especially when the thief is monstrous and daring to act upon violence.

Knowing how dangerous and ruthless Octavia has become this season, (killing her own people, not listening to reason), I am afraid for little Madi as she is vulnerable and impressionable.  What does Blodreina really have in mind for her?  Is she truly a threat to her reign?  Is she plotting on killing her in some twisted, horrific fashion?  Will she stay true to her word and protect her?   Or, is the latter a big lie?

What will Clarke do now?  Will she sit back, allow Madi to train under such a hardened dictator, or will she fight for her child?

Making A New Memori

We finally found out exactly how Murphy and Emori broke up.  It turns out that Murphy was jealous about Emori spending so much time with Raven.  Emori wanted to be something larger than herself, and when the opportunity arose, she couldn’t turn it down.  It left Murphy out in the dark, and he drifted apart from her.  Of course, she felt hurt and abandoned, but on the positive adjacent of things, Emori allowed herself to focus on helping Spacekru survive, and she beamed about it.

Once their feelings were out in the open and free, the devious teamwork was happening once again.   They captured McCreary who was following an activated but removed collar after a hydrazine explosion inside the ship.  To celebrate, the two went primal.   It’s kind of a strange and twisted opportunity to act upon your urges, but Emori and Murphy seemed to have sex in the most menacing of events.

And that is what I love about them-they’re not afraid to give a damn.

The 100 Exit Wounds

Now that the tables are turned,  just how will they deal with McCreary, the worst bad boy of Eligius?  My guess is that they won’t so nice with him, considering what he has done to Murphy and Raven.

I say, put the shock collar on him, and have a taste of his own blood.  Maybe McCreary will stop being so sadistic.

Even though Emori says they’re not back together, for the sake of my heart, I hope that they will get back together.

Diyoza’s Deal

The more Diyoza drops herself into the already incredible storyline, the more fascinating she becomes.  She resonates essence of an authentic trailblazer and tries to negotiate terms in a peaceful manner, rather than killing onsite.

I cannot help but wonder if being cool and collected is just the predawn of something that is already cold and calculating building within Diyoza.  This device is not uncommon in a villain’s arc and has been used many a time.  I have a feeling that this will happen in the two-part season finale, or perhaps a bit earlier.  I hope that this will not be the case as I want to view something out of the norm and it will make Diyoza one of the greatest villains in television history.

On a realistic standpoint, I am just going for the crazy and turbulent ride now.   This is The 100 after all; expectations and hopeful predictions are often curved

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Bonus Bullets:

  • Exit Wounds was Echo’s echo and I loved how this episode made her stand out in her advancement-not just being Bellamy’s girlfriend but as an intense female protagonist.
  • The sex scenes are limited on The 100, but when they happen, they’re created beautifully and not cheap. We got two!  Okay, so not the entire thing was not shown, but they were still amazing. 💗
  • Diyoza and Kane have a strange and eerie diplomatic relationship. Also, he is still scared AF of her.
  • Clarke crying that she had to leave Madi and sending her to Shallow Valley made my heart shatter.
  • Bellamy and Clarke may have different priorities and responsibilities now, but as soon as they’re together trying to solve conflict, it seems like everything else at the same time dissolves. They have that undeniable magic.
  • We have found Niylah, but she went to the Dark Side (no) but now we have lost Raven.
  • Okay, Octavia, you need a timeout.
  • The Blake sword fight was sharp and raw and a very thematic visual of where the two siblings stand now.
  • How does it feel to be a hostage McCreary?
  • Bellamy becoming more reserved and encompassed is a vigorous and positive development on his character, but I would like to see the steps taken of how this happened. I love Bellamy though as he always been such a joyful one to analyze an observe .
  • I hope that Katrina makes it.
  • There were a lot of memorable quotes in Exit Wounds. Here are six of my faves:

“We found each other in a cage.  Whatever happens, I know we’ll find each other again.”

“I am done licking my wounds.”

 “I guess caves are kinda our thing.”

  “Fostering dissent is like seduction.”

  “You fight like Azgeda.”

  “Find Abby.”

  • Kara needs to go. She is much worse than Octavia.
  • Seriously, Echo and Monty hugging was emotional.
  • Did anyone eat the food Diyoza gave to Wonkru?
  • Miller, stop being an ass to Clarke.
  • Echo spying once again. For Wokru obviously, but she still has her old tricks.
  • I saw the infinity logo on the ship. It was the first thing that I noticed.
  • There should be a more humanitarian way to punish rather than the shock collars. Those things can cause permanent brain and nerve damage.

The 100 Exit Wounds

What did you think of The 100 Exit Wounds?


Next up on The 100: Acceptable Losses that will air June 19th.

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