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The 100 Season 6 First Two Episode Titles

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 season 6

The 100 season 6 may be a millennium (hopefully not) away but revealed this evening the first two episodes have been revealed.  I say that is a very early release.

The 100 season 6 titles are:

601;  Sanctum

602: Red Sun Rising

I have automatically come up with a few theories on the titles.  Sanctum specifically means “a sacred place or refuge.”  Through season five, the church in Shallow Valley was a center point.  The characters were cloistered for different reasons: home, medical, defected prison, meetings, and the like.  Season six will have a secretive location, probably on the ship, and will separate the characters.  Just why they will be separated, well, maybe from the new enemies or the freed prisoners Madi allowed.  This no doubt will be challenging, and solving the issues will be difficult.

The 100 never gave us any “easy answer” to any of the issues and problematic harbors that were presented.

Red Sun Rising could refer to the ship actually landing on their new home planet, and the people taking the first few glimpses of wonder.  Remember when Octavia stepped out first to take on the world in the pilot?  Ah, memories.

The 100 season 6

Yet, I have a feeling that it will be Bellamy and Clarke to step out first.  After all, it is only proper as Monty chose them first to hear his discovery.  Giving the honor to somebody else-even if they’re a fair and well-received character, will only disrespect Monty and his essence.

Red Sun Rising could also define trouble ahead.  Wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

What do you think of these titles?

The 100 season 6 will air mid-season 2019.

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