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The 100 Blood Giant Preview

by Evelyn Ulrich
Blood Giant

After another three week hiatus, The 100 returns tonight with an all-new episode, Blood Giant.  Just as the title entails, the eclipsing red suns will be a looming threat-among other things.  Watch some dramatic sneak peeks and the insider video to prep you for Blood Giant.

Clarke and her small band of people arrived in Sanctum, only to find it in complete disaster.  After what she had gone through with Bellamy, Clarke will be slapped with a new set of challenges.  Her biggest priority though will be the safety of her daughter Madi.

Since joining the Disciples, Bellamy may have caused more issues upon himself and trying to get others (second attempt) to see his perspective.  I do have the hope though the eclipse will snap him back to his senses.

Blood Giant Sneak One

Clarke makes an astounding discovery that Russell is not Russell and Bill somewhat takes the situation into his own hands.  Poor choice there, Bill.

Sneak Peek Two

Bellamy and Murphy share a moment and the latter is quite confused by it.  Bellamy assures him though that their friendship has not changed just because he has found a higher purpose and will save them all.

On the other hand, Clarke is deeply concerned about her daughter and just wants to hold her again.

Same Clarke, same.

Sneak Peek Three

Murphy and Raven have a discussion about Bellamy and try to figure out his transformation.

Inside Blood Giant

Jason Rothenberg and writer Ross Knight give us the lowdown of the new episode.   It will be an emotionally charged and action-filled chapter if we are going by the released content.

Will you be watching tonight?  And what do you think will go down?

The 100 airs Wednesdays

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