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The 100 Blood Giant Promos

by Evelyn Ulrich
Blood Giant

The 100 is currently on hiatus until September 9th.  When it makes its return, we will be presented with a brand new episode, Blood Giant.  The title alone just screams “survival horror” and it places a bounty on anyone’s head.  For those on Sanctum that is.  See the official synopsis and promo trailer for Blood Giant.

The 100 Blood Giant Official Synopsis


–Via the CW

Clarke promised Cadogan that she’ll unearth the Flame so that the code can be used for The Last War.  Yet, knowing that Sanctum has eclipsing suns, it is going to put a bad spell on the expedition.

As things were not complicated enough.

Blood Giant Promo

Don’t worry Cadogan, I am positive that you will love Sanctum, despite its shortcomings.  The demons will definitely be extracted from you.

This post will be updated as soon as the promo stills are released, so keep checking back!


We now have promo stills for Blood Giant.  They feature Clarke arriving once again on Sanctum.  Take a look!


If tensions are this high in Sanctum, I hate to see Octavia’s group, and Gaia’s situations, where ever the hell they are.

As always, the high-resolution versions will be included in the vast gallery!

The 100 airs Wednesdays

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