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The 100 7×4 Hesperides Preview

by Evelyn Ulrich

In tonight’s all-new The 100 episode, Hesperides, Clarke is confronted with a hard truth while Hope has a continuation of her journey.  There a few other things in store that will sure to make your heart skip.  To read a preview of Hesperides, please continue!

The 100 Hesperides was written by Sean Crouch, this season’s newcomer.  It tells the tale of Clarke and her friends in Sanctum finding out what happened to their people.  The last thing that Clarke knew about Bellamy’s, Echo’s, Octavia’s, and Gabriel’s whereabouts, was that they venture out to the forest to find Octavia.  Now, knowing that they’re all trapped in the Anomaly, Clarke will again, go on a rescue mission.

Hey, it’s Clarke Griffin and you cannot stop her.  And why would you?

Hesperides Sneak Peek One

Last week, Raven had her fall from grace as she unintentionally murdered Hatch.  It was a very difficult event to watch because she is one of the few who hasn’t killed.  Yet, this time around, Rave has a happier storyline as she sees a whole new starscape.  And we love seeing a smiling, nerdy Raven! 🤓

Sneak Peek Two

Echo, Gabrial, and Hope will continue their journey on Sky Ring in Hesperides.  They’re a unique group because each one is different, but they are all connected as well.  That is something to love and strategize about The 100; the show has a history of partnering up the least compatible people.  In the end, the groups carry the narratives well and some even became historic.

Inside Hesperides

Will you be watching tonight?   To prep you even more, check out the stills and promo for the episode.  Then, be sure to check back for an in-depth review!

The 100 airs Wednesdays on the CW

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