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The 100 Hesperides Promo and Stills

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Hesperides

The 100 Hesperides is coming this Wednesday!  It’s the final moment in which Clarke and her people discover the whereabouts of their friends and take action for it.  Below, you’ll find the promo and stills for the upcoming episode!

The 100 Hesperides Promo

Promo Stills

You can find the high-resolution versions of the stills in our gallery!

Hesperides in High_Resolution

For your intellectual inspiration, according to Greek mythology, Hesperides are a group of nymphs (also called the Daughters of the Evening, the Golden Lights of Sunsets) who guarded a garden that had a single tree that grew gold apples.  However, they were caught taking the apples, leading Hera to hire Ladon, a hundred-headed dragon to assist the nymphs.

Where exactly does this fit into The 100 and this episode?  For starters, the show revolves around mythology if you look closely enough and seasons five and six are saturated with it.  Another clue is the stills, which hold a foreboding night entheal, just like the myth itself.

However, I doubt that the apples will hold a golden core, but rather a toxic one.

The 100 airs Wednesdays on the CW

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