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The 100 Season 7 Poster Has Fallen!

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

I’ll be honest, in the midst of current events, that we may not be getting a poster.  But now that we do, it’s completely reflective of The 100 season 7.  While poster mastered with the art,  graphics, and coloring, it was lacking something important.

The 100 will be returning this Wednesday with the season 7 premiere of From the Ashes, and we already have so many questions and theories bubbling.   My mind is already a mess!

To kick off the weekend, the official poster has been released by E! Online and it prompts meaningful and undivided attention.  (The one released by Apple is not the official one)

Take a look at its key art and context.

The 100

The new (and last) poster features Clarke (Eliza  Taylor), Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Murphy (Richard Harmon), and a few unidentified silhouettes falling upward into the Anomaly-season’s 7 lucrative narrative.  Yet, there’s a key figure and well-loved character missing.

Bellamy Blake.

Bob Morley has been a main cast member since the first season, the coveted male lead, and has been bumped to second billing for seven.  Bob breathed life into Bellamy for many years and investing his talents so that people could relate to his character.   That in itself is a rare spectacle to own and Bob blew it out of the sky each and every time he was onscreen.

There could be a couple of reasons why Bellamy isn’t shown much in the trailer and absent on the poster.

  • Bellamy has a rather large storyline and more scenes would be too spoiling.
  • Bellamy is one of the faded in the background of the poster.
  • This is just a promotional tease and not having him sparks interest and recognition for the show.
  • The lack could be an omen for his character. (Hopefully not)

While this is raising concern amongst the fanbase (including myself), this is not the first time of Bellamy’s absence.  He wasn’t present on the season three and six posters, but it didn’t eliminate the mass storylines that he was given.

Even still, you simply cannot ignore a character’s investment.

Other main characters are missing as well-Echo, Jordan, Russell, Hope, and Gabriel.  It may not be something to be upset about, or it might be something to be upset about.  It could mean nothing at all and everyone will have strong and structured arcs.

That’s my theory and hope.

Set aside, the wonderful green and bronze coloring and the three-dimensional anomaly draws the eye in.   The piece also brings out the nostalgic feeling of the season one poster, thus connecting where it all began.

The 100

The posters have something in common: Facing the unknown worlds.

The major question has been and always will be, “Who’ll survive, snd how can we better the future?”

The 100 season 7 airs May 20th

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