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The 100 Season 6: Best Plot Twists

by Evelyn Ulrich

The 100 has been well known for its various plot twists, rooting back to the pilot.  Season one provided us substantial character development; season two gifted us with horrifying circumstances and well, other developments; season three shed light on addiction and grief; season four illuminated just how imperative that environmental preservation is; season five is all about changes, but also realizing just how precious loved ones are.

Season six has given a symphony of story, development, and those insane plot twists.  Six may as well be one of the best excerpts given.  It had drama, plenty of chemistry, a thunderstorm of tears, and “ooh” moments.

I mean, you must live for those moments, ja?

As we head on to The 100′s seventh and final season, we’re looking back at some of the maddening plot twists of season 6.

Meet Picasso, the Golden Retriever

Season one and two were the last time we have seen any creatures onscreen.  It wasn’t until season 6, where the highest animal group was reptilian, existed on Planet Alpha.  Continuing on, we have been introduced some angry carnivorous insects and a cute puppy.  That cute puppy is Picasso, a female golden retriever,  and has left a happy imprint on Clarke’s heart.

The 100

Little is known about Picasso’s origins, but it was nice to see that playful fluff interact with Clarke.  If anything, it uplifted her spirits, right after she saw Bellamy off.

And yes, Picasso is alive!

Moon Of The Rising Suns

Seeking a fresh new beginning on a new planet- er, moon, was the last wish of Monty Green.  The group on the Eligius spacecraft stepped into the new world with curiosity and wonder, fully ready and geared of what’s to come.  I mean, we got Memori splashing and playing in the water and so much popping color!  The moon offered new hope and a fresh start.

The 100

Underneath that ethereal beauty and serenity, harbored a dark secret.  Whilst having two suns does have its benefits (Warmth, vitamin D, brightening the views), there was also a burning effect.  Whoever had a past, the suns eclipsed their demons.  In Red Sun Rising, our favorites felt the ramifications of their past actions.  They’ve become unidentifiable as they acted out towards one another.  It was heartbreaking for sure, but it somehow strengthened bonds and opened the doors to many of Sanctum’s secrets.

The Rise of the Dark Commander

The Dark Commander-or Sheidheda- has infested the mind of young Madi.  While the season’s theme was “Face Your Demons”, this twist has skyrocketed the storyline to a whole new level.  Madi was becoming corrupt and the bubbly life in her eyes disappeared.  And, to make situations worse, Madi became manipulated and filled with concentrated evil which caused great conflict among her family, especially Clarke.

The 100

The power of Clarke’s unconditional love for her daughter defeated the poison.  However, Sheidheda hasn’t been completely erased. Raven unsucceeded with deleting Sheidheda’s code in the Flame and as a result, he is floating somewhere in one of the drives.  My guess that he made Russell his new home as he was one of the angriest souls.

After all, he lost his wife, daughter, and leadership all in under a week.  So, it might be safe to assume that is where Sheidheda went.

“Death Is Not The End”

In Sanctum, all is peace among the residents.  Their leader, Russell receives false worshipping, and when one receives any kind of sacrilegious praise, it stimulates the ego.

So much so that Russell and his wife, Simone utilized themselves as “Gods”. While Clarke and her gang are impressed at first about being brought back from death, they have yet to realize the horrors.

The 100

To keep the Lightborne dynasty going, Russell and Simone use those with the “Royal Blood’ (Night Blood) as the substance is the only thing that supports the mind drives.  If you have been following season 6, then you know how the immortality is done.  Instead of leaving the world in peace, living on in a new body creates a legacy.  And immortality.

And let’s not forget the moral compasses that come with sacrificing lives to honor a more “important” one.

The very thought of the whole ordeal in the slightest sends a chill down my spine.  The procedure may save those who are higher on the tier, but it also took the lives of Abby, Kane, Delilah, and nearly Clarke.

The only plus side about the mind transportation plot is that we got Gabriel and his desire to change the cult-ish ways.

“I’m Josephine Lightborne. Nice To Meet You” 

Ah, where does one even start?  Grieving for their deceased daughter, Josephine, Russell, and Simone played God yet again.  This time, they implanted their child’s mind drive into a temporarily paralyzed Clarke.  Becoming Josephine was Eliza Taylor’s most challenging role and she nailed it perfectly.

The 100

I believed that Josephine was brought back for two reasons:  One is to wreak havoc and hell for Skaikru and getting them to  join in on Sanctum’s ‘way of life.’  The second is the more popular and transparent reason:  that Clarke and Bellamy realized more than ever that their each other’s person, and going through her ‘death’ was conclusive proof.

It was one Bellamy Blake that figured out that something was amiss with Clarke. However, to keep him from revealing the truth, Josephine played with his heart, then subdued him.

Clarke would ‘ve been so livid.  I know that I was.  🤬

But Clarke saved us all when she morse coded with “ALIVE”, causing Bellamy to step up his game and take immediate action to get her back.

 .- .-.. .. …- . 

We love a dedicated rebel king.

Josephine though, carried her own baton when she became Clarke and absolutely took over her mind.  At times she could be convincing (not to the fanbase), but most of the time, she bombed.  But as we all know, Clarke is a tigress-not wanting to give up her life.

We got an entire episode of Clarke facing life events in a mental sequence and battling for her right to life.

We can safely say the same about Josphine as she fought against Clarke to survive.

Clarke lives for the souls of others, not for herself and while she may have made errors, that doesn’t eliminate her selflessness.  If anything, it “powered up” her human ability and strengthened her perseverance.

We must remember though that Josephine was brought back due to crippling grief and neither parent has foreseen the consequences.  They simply just wanted their little girl back.

Echo’s Damaged Childhood

Echo has been a controversial character since her betrayal to Bellamy in season three and her survival techniques in season four.  It wasn’t until season five that she has established herself as a core member of Skaikru and earning Bellamy’s trust (and love).

As a former member of the Azgeda Royal Guard, Echo followed orders given by her superiors (Queen Nia and King Roan respectively) and has taken on the leadership role for Skaikru.  Her feats haven’t all been successful, but they did help in the survival category.

The 100

With finding that much-desired love and joy with Bellamy, the ice in Echo’s life thawed and she gained a family in the process.  He grieved with her when she opened up about losing her parents and from there, the two would move forward.

However, old wounds resurfaced as the former spy shared her childhood with Ryker-who turned her into a Nightblood, a foreshadow perhaps to be used as a storyline in the upcoming season.

In a grappling and dimming flashback, Echo is revealed to be “Ash” whilst her friend is the real Echo.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Both girls are ordered by Queen Nia to turn on the other to prove true Azgeda loyalty.  If they declined, then they’ll both be killed.

In self-defense, Ash fatally stabs Echo, and she wins the approval from Queen Nia and gains Azgeda royal training.  Though Ash-now Echo, remained true to her title (perhaps a result of brainwashing), she became haunted by the losses.  She repressed those memories and never shared the trauma until she felt it was the right time.

Despite the hard, unfathomable trauma, I felt that Echo should’ve confided in Bellamy.  It would’ve made more sense as he is her boyfriend and they been through so much.

Just like many of the other characters, Echo definitely didn’t have a happy beginning.

The CPR Scene

This really shouldn’t be surprising or shocking to be included in this grouping.  The CPR scene alone was one of the most magnetic and dramatic performances in season 6.

It simply shows Bellamy’s uproaring determination to save Clarke and how he cannot function without her.  The scene also illuminates that Clarke must live to keep their people alive and how she’s one of  Bellamy’s and  Madi’s connections.

The 100

Despite it’s no longer medically necessary to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Bellamy took all possible avenues.  I highly praise the man for always saving Clarke and being her person.

His motivation and love brought back Clarke in full form and mind.

Talk about witnessing a fairy tale. 🥰

The Anamoly

The Anamoly has to be one of the most insane storylines that The 100 has come up with.  It’s a literal vortex into a completely different world that no one knows about, except for the few instances such as Octavia battling Blodreina, Hope Diyoza as an adult, and stealing away her mother.

The green thing serves an imperative purpose though as those who experienced its journey had developed a renewed sense of knowledge.

At least, in Octavia’s case.  She discovered that her past reign of terror was acclimated from Bellamy not being there.  Without her brother, Octavia lost a part of her identity and self.

The 100

Whilst she is trying to restitch the close and resilient bond she once had with her brother (Season one and two, anyone?) Octavia knows that she owns her mistakes, resulting in her desire to do better.  Bellamy confides in her that he is no longer her guardian or protector, to phrase it simply and she must look after herself.

We got that Blake reconciliation that we all hoped for.  Unfortunately, it was too late.  Octavia was stabbed by Hope and evaporated into the mist.  It left Bellamy and Echo devastated as most would be.

As Gabriel said, the Anamoly must hold something higher for Octavia as all the signs pointed to her, including a decorative code tattoo.

So, the Anamoly may be the most puzzling plot twist yet-as it left us with more questions than affirmations.

Bonus Twist:  Murphy’s Proposal

My heart did some hard-core happy crying when Murphy proposed to his committed love Emori.  It was the first “next step” for a relationship on the show and it met with true heartfelt.  I’d like to think that Memori is one of the more solidified ships as they have proven time and again that they balance out each other and have that deep chemistry that we all desire.

The 100

Murphy’s marriage proposal symbolized a new beginning.  Of course, this gesture came after the offer of becoming immortal and he wants to be immortal with Emori.  Before she accepted, she had to find herself and nearly lost Murphy, thanks to Josephine.  She knew that she couldn’t live without him and would be honored to be his soulmate.

I mean, was there any doubt that these two would find eternal bliss?

What do you think the plot twists will be in season 7?  With new planets and characters, the narratives will most likely continue to ponder our minds and give us a deep session of suspense and thrills.

That is one thing that The 100 can provide effortlessly, even at times the stories seem a bit far-fetched.

The 100 Season 7 will premiere midseason 2020.

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