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The 100 Prequel Episode Receives Title

by Evelyn Ulrich

The news for The 100 seventh season has been on the downplay and we fans (and journalists) have been tight with anticipation.  I believe some of that feeling tapered off with something relating to the prequel of the drama-sci-fi series.

Back in October, the CW greenlit the pilot for the potential The 100 prequel.  This will be included in season 7 and will tell the tale of how the first apocalypse began.  It’s set nearly a century before The 100′s setting-which also reflects that none of our favorite characters will have a role.

As I stated, the prequel episode will be in the sixteen-episode block, most likely the finale. Yet, the title is a bit of a mind puzzle.


There are a few curiosities about this title.  In one instance, Anaconda could be a code name for a top-secret government project and designed to destroy the world and its inhabits.  Or it could be an underground settlement to survive the nuclear apocalypse.

In an official statement released by TVline, it tells a little bit of the prequel’s potential:

“The potential series would take place in the aftermath of the world’s first nuclear apocalypse, following “a band of survivors on the ground as they learn to cope in a dangerous world while fighting to create a new and better society from the ashes of what came before.”

Let it be known that Anaconda is the name of the pilot, not the prequel itself.

The 100 will air season 7 midseason on The CW.

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