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Jasper Jordan: Mental Illness Becomes Real

by Evelyn Ulrich
Jasper Jordan

In reflection of tonight’s all new episode of The 100, entitle The Other Side,  I have written a piece about one of the main characters, Jasper Jordan.  In the article, it surmises his struggle with mental illness, and how Devon Biostick projected him so well in the series.  Please read on and let me know what you think.  *The following piece will contain discussions of mental illness and suicide.  Reader and viewer discretion is strongly advised.*


Jasper Jordan:

Mental Illness Becomes Real

Evelyn Ulrich

  One of the most beloved The 100 characters may say his final “May We Meet Again,” tonight on The 100, The Other Side, directed by Henry Ian Cusick.  Jasper Jordan, portrayed by series regular, Devon Bostick has been the light and inspiration of mental illness since the season one pilot.  He was in fact, supposed to meet his maker in that episode, but due to his popularity, and infamous “Earth Day 2052” t-shirt, he survives the piercing.   Since then, Jasper has become a character of hope and reality to mental illness.

Realistically and unfortunately, mental illness is often shadowed.  We often have trouble expressing ourselves when we have these issues.  This is mainly due because we’re are afraid to, afraid that there may not be that light out of the tunnel.  That suicide and self-injury are the only options for us because we are so deep in our own battles, all hope seems to be lost.  I speak not only those that I know who had these horrible tides, but for myself as well.  So, I know what those are going through, and try to offer hope and persistence to humans who are struggling.  Mental illnesses are not a sin, nor are they are faults of ours.  They are however a terrible projection in life, and we must fight for hope and life every day, to live and share.

Jasper has been struggling with PSTD and major depression throughout the series.  Some people do not only conceive this as strong and dynamic, but find his character annoying.   Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell) suffered the same notion after the war with the Grounders.  Unfortunately, his actions cost him his life.   In contrast, having a character with mental illness on television in modern times is much needed and important.  They teach us the complications and terror of the diseases, while offering that there is hope for us.  That we are not alone in this world, we have people and animals who care and help.  Just how many characters on the media platforms have shown such credibility?  Slim to none.  Which is most discouraging because with the current events, mental illness is more prominent then before.

Now, here is the problem of killing off Jasper, if it happens.  More than likely, he is going to commit suicide, by radiation.  Why is this an issue?  Many fans are young people, struggling with such issues, and to witness suicide of a sixteen-year old screaming for help, will devastate and possibly trigger a chain reaction.  Although suicide does happen in teens and others, it should not be glorified on media.  Even though that The 100 does reflect realistic outcomes and events, it does not NEED or should even want to go that route.  Another thing that this is problematic is the fact it shows once you have a mental illness or disability, you are doomed.  Which is not the case, at least for me.   Doing such a deed will only create trouble and out cries, and thus creating fuel to the fire.  Lexa was a prime example.  TV and film should be our escape, our outlet to the negativity of the world, and we do not want to be reminded that there may not be hope.  Jasper has been given hope by his best friend Monty Green, and by countless others in the series, including Bellamy and Octavia Blake.  It would be such a shame to see Jasper go, after all he has been through and his family.

Even if Jasper does go (I don’t believe he will), please remember that his portrayal of mental illnesses has guided you, that there is hope.  There is always going to be someone there willing to help.  Devon Bostick has encapsulated Jasper in such a beautiful, real, and heroic way, and used his character to promote mental illness health.  How many people did that?

So, in light of things, there is always hope for us, even though it may not feel like it.  You are needed in this world, and you are worth it.


Jasper Jordan


The 100 The Other Side will air tonight on the CW.

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