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May We Meet Again

by Evelyn Ulrich


The 100 Charity Project Logo VIA Twitter

The 100 Charity Project Logo VIA Twitter

It is with a half-deflated heart that our beloved and most inspiring unity project, The 100 Charity Project has come to an end.  The Project may have had a short, few month lifespan; however that alone made a huge difference positively. We all came together, cast, crew, fans, and anyone who would heard it from our circle to help make our world a better place.  Through our participation, donations, and commitment, love and compassion, all of you (yeah, you!) had made somebody’s life more meaningful.  I do not have enough words to even begin to describe the wonderment and thorough kindness of The 100 cast and especially, Miss Layne Morgan, for starting the cause.  Thousands of items and dollars have been donated to causes so that people and wildlife can have a sunny tomorrow.   Donations made by You and I.  I personally have never seen such a cast who is willing to come together with their fans to help sculpt the world.  It is mostly unheard of, but in this case, we could not have done it without them, nor could they have done it without us.  It is truly remarkable, and truth be told, I have discovered a few positive things about myself.  I have learned that my life can make an impact, and to share my own story with the world of having a disability.  Despite all the harassment, the cold teasing, (lousy narrow-minded kids) the multiple and multiple surgeries, and the pain, I pulled through it.  It was beyond difficult, but I done it.   It still leaves a sting, but that is all behind me.  I didn’t hold grudges, didn’t harm anyone back (believe me, some stuff that was said deserved a good jaw snap), or hate them.  I did forgive them, and now I can only hope that they turned their life around.  That is enough now about me, as this is starting to get a wee bit emotional.

It is essentially important that we continue our good deeds, to strive for a better future.  Whether it is volunteering at the local food drive, donating blood to save three lives, helping the special needs, or even sharing a kind word when someone is having a rough time, it can make a big change.  I hope that The 100 and its incredible charity impacted your life in a positive light.  We may not see each other face-to-face, but we are all in this together, as an Unity.  We are there for one another.  A diverse group of human beings, from all walks of life, different sections of the earth, religion, languages, race, you name it worked and inspired together.  That unique group of people is needed in order to survive.   Without our support and love, who else will the world turn to?

I hope the Charity will continue under a different name, because I got a feeling it is some legal issue that got involved.  I am not going to get in to that though, as I do not want to start anything or get in trouble.  The world needs more people like Layne, the cast, and us in it, because we can show them that ‘life should be more than just surviving.’

With that, I am going to wind this post to an open/close, meaning that there is always that hope that someone new will come across, and make their own world a bit brighter.  They will find out that people can really open their hearts and uplift, and hopefully, they will follow suit.

Now, I will leave you for now with a special phrase:  I will always be in.  The question is, will you be? ?

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