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Fallen Recap/Review

by Evelyn Ulrich

Here is the review and recap for Fallen!  Please, if the material is sensitive, do not continue.  Your safety must be protected first.

The 100 Fallen Review

Fallen, Only To Rise

03×10 Aired April 7, 2016

Evelyn Ulrich


*Warning: Fallen contained triggers of mental illness, sexual coercion, and family conflict.  Do not continue if you feel uncomfortable. *


As if The 100 has already tested its course in dark waters, Fallen has definitely floated in mid-ocean.  It held on the darkness, the fight to survive, and questionable choices that the show is always been known for.   After the deaths of two popular characters (RIP Lexa and Lincoln), there was an uneasiness throughout, with only one small gratification.  Although, I was pleasantly surprised about the whole dynamics of Fallen, with the issues construed and layered that were given.  It may have been a controversial piece, but somehow, it blended in.  Now, I will be honest, I am a recovered mutilator, and using it as a manipulation technique is common.  Yet, it can also bring awareness to the subject, as this is very little spoke up about.

I have to say that one of the most complicated (and well delivered, acting -wise) scenes was the complication of the Blake siblings.  Octavia had good reason to be angry with Bellamy, but to go as far as beating him to a bloody pulp, and allowing him to let her do so because he believes that is his worth, that was truly heartbreaking, He would do anything for Octavia, and getting continuously fisted and pummeled by his baby sister does not alleviate me.  And, to have Bellamy tell the others to step back, and they turn away, hating the outburst (Sinclair, Kane, Harper, Miller, and Bryan), that is another blow.  And, for the briefest of moments, Kane has reverted back to early season two Kane (egotistical, self-absorbed, power hungry Kane), and stated that Bellamy is the enemy.  Let me point out here that none of the characters on The 100 are innocent, so what makes him think that after all that he tried to do to help Bellamy, he says that?  In my eyes, everyone is going to be an enemy to someone.  Then, Octavia makes Bellamy hostage in exchange for Monty, who has been captured by Pike for ‘treason.’  Yet, I think that it was a clever ruse to get back at Pike, and Bellamy does just so by pretending that he is on his ‘side’ once more.  He leads Pike and his ‘Pikers,’ out to the forest along with Kane, and Monty and Octavia gagged.  Then, they all stopped, and a slew of Grounders comes in and arch at them.  Not hitting Bellamy, Kane, Monty, and Octavia, as they only want Pike.  It is a success (Thank you Bellamy!  I knew that it would be you that will take Pike down!), and Pike is taken off by the Grounders, whilst his minions are dead.    As much as I dislike Ontari (I don’t think I can hate a character, as they are all well-written, and each serve an interesting purpose.  How I view it), I am excited in a weird way to see what she will do to Pike, assuming that she will have the honor.  Not that I am wishing for another death, but Pike cannot be in power.   He has already ruined the lives of several people, including his own.  The aftermath of this is that Kane realizes how much Bellamy cares for Octavia, and that he is willing to do anything for her.  I am pretty sure that this will be the thread that will stitch the hole (massive) in the Blakes’ relationship, but we will soon see!  Their structure has been craggy this season, with a few snags in season one and two, but here is to hoping.

The City of Light, ALIE (Control-alt-delete), Jaha, and their whole program (get it?), has been on cue tonight.   Yet, the very measure of how far that they will go to forcefully recruit Abby in with their ‘web of lies’ is, I don’t know, but very frightening.  At this point, Raven is trying her damnedest to get ALIE out her head, and she may have the answer by re-engineering the vital wristbands to submit pings to her brain to deactivate ALIE, without sacrificing tissue.  ALIE does not like this, and punishes Raven with vivid and traumatic memories.  They include Finn and her painful, sleepless surgery.  When Raven is downed, Jasper takes over and frantically gets a wristband.  Jaha steps into the supply room where Jasper is, and smashes the band.  To make matters worse, ALIE implanted herself inside of Raven’s already fragile mind, and taken complete control.  Abby, who is fighting hard against Jaha to join his ‘crazy cult,’ finally takes the pill right after ALIE cuts Raven’s wrists (Remember, ALIE is inside of Raven, and has full control), so she can help her.  Unfortunately, this also means that Abby is in the City of Light.  Yet, she sacrificed her own soul to help out Raven, who is like a daughter to her.  And, the tears are now pouring!

At Polis, fake Commander Ontari is keeping Murphy as a hostage, yet he is giving her advice on how to pass the ‘commander linage’ test, one of the things that you need to do in order to be the commander.  Yet, she fails at this, but since she is the only Natblida, she has to rule the clans for the moment.  This episode really got me into the character of Ontari, and what she is really like.  Can someone be that dark, and that twisted?  She is a pretty damn terrifying character, and the very fact that she used sex in a very graphic way to fulfill what Ontari wants (not going into detail about that), only makes her that much more wicked and insane.   Yet, like I said, I love exploring the characters, even though I don’t condone their actions or behaviors.  Now, someone please throw her off the tower.

Let’s get to Clarke.  The precise moment where she gets into the car whilst Jasper is trying to take off with Raven (the poor guy has been helping her all night) and get away from the ALIE possessed people of Arkadia, who just look like live zombies, was spectacular.  Clarke missed one episode this season, and the reasoning for that is because 307 and 308 happened simultaneously, and I thought she was not going to show in Fallen.  But, boom!  The princess arrives, and is a little confused as she asked Jasper where is Lincoln, and he replies that he is dead.  Clarke doesn’t process this, and is bewildered at the events unfolding behind them.  She gets into the car to assist Raven, but she fights off an Arker who is one of the damned and sees her mother.  Clarke can see that there is something greatly amiss with Abby, but before she can figure it out, Jasper speeds off, with her eyes still locked on her mom.

Despite its sensitive and graphic material, I enjoyed Fallen.  It was well-performed by its cast, and gave me the chills down my spine.  Ah, the chills!


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