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The 100 Creator Tweets New Season Three Promotional Still

by Evelyn Ulrich

On Wednesday, September 2nd, The 100 executive producer, Jason Rothenberg released a brand new The 100 Season Three promotional photo through Twitter (Rothenberg’s Twitter).  The photo is of the show’s main female protagonist, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) in war paint and golden braids.

Within moments after its reveal,the fandom exploded with uncertainty and excitement.  Many of which were jumping into waters about what the photo meant.  Of course, this is to be expected, but since I consider myself not to be judgmental, I will digress.  I myself, have a few ideas about its meaning, and I think the photo is fantastic in its glory.  I’d like to call it, ‘Grounder Clarke,’ as that it the first initial reaction to it.  My theory(s) is that  Clarke will slay Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), the Grounder Commander who abandoned and betrayed her in the part two season two finale.  Or, she is on a very exclusive mind mission and reflection, about who she is really is and what she is embodying.  Hmm…I could be very well off the wagon here, and what people perceive is not always the outcome.  Yet, our minds are capable of doing the most extraordinary things, and maybe, what we hope for will blossom.  It is quite possible though that after all that Clarke has been through, that she may need time to really focus and take time for herself.  In the process, she might become that much stronger as a woman, or she will completely lose herself and fall completely apart.  I really hope it is not the latter.  🙁  Okay, I am leaving you off here, and you probably want to see the photo now.  You can also leave your opinions and theories in the comments.

2015-09-02 16.51.26

Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin Photo courtesy of Jason Rothenberg

The 100 Season Three will premier on The CW in early 2016.



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