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The 100 Season Three First Poster Released!

by Evelyn Ulrich

S3 posterHow bad-ass does Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) look in the new promotional season three poster? (Fan-made) She looks revengeful, which is not uncommon on The 100, but can you really blame her?  Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) did leave her and her people to die at the doors of Mount Weather.  Now, the makeup clearly shows that Clarke is testing ‘Grounder territory‘ as she is in the unknown.  Plus, the title of the first episode, ‘Wan Heda Part One‘ can mean one or two things.  One is that ‘Wan‘ means one in Scots, so one leader.  Two being a reference to the Armed Forces Services.  In the States here, a serviceman (or woman) can go ‘AWOL’ or wandering, so it would make sense for the title.  However, I support both theories.  Clarke did leave her people behind at the end, and where is she headed and what are her intentions?  I hope with her leaving was a sensible choice, because if you did go AWOL in the service, than it is a  punishable crime and a discharge.  However, when you are suffering from some sort of PTSD like several of the characters in The 100, it is perfectly understandable.  I’d run away too and hide under boulders.  Let us pray that her journey will be peaceful and smooth.

The 100 Season Three will air in the 2015-2016 mid-season on The CW™.

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