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New Stuff To Come In The Upcoming Days!

by Evelyn Ulrich

I have been working on the new site for DAYS, and I am proud to say that the general completion is near!  There will be some tweaks and turns, but for the most part, everything is in proper order.  During the next few days, there will be some great stuff!  Here is a bullet list of the things that will come.

  • Photo gallery and you can always send your fan photos in to grounderspodcast@gmail.com  I will not be uploading any of the cast’s Twitter/Insta photos since I feel that it’s a little personal.
  • Multimedia of videos, and the podcasts will be back!
  • Personal page about me so you know who is running the site, the Facebook, Instagram, and the Twitter.  Also, a contact page with a form so you can direct me.
  • News and Updates about the show and its cast.  By the way, they and Jason Rothenberg will be making an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con!
  • And even more stuff!

Do not forget to enter #The100Writingcontest that will end on September 30th.  I extended the date for the upgrading of the site, and you can send the entries in at the100writingcontest@gmail.com.

I think this is it for now, so until we meet again!



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