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Episode 03×01 Has A Title!

by Evelyn Ulrich



Over the weekend, the writers via Twitter revealed the brand new title of the first episode of season three.  The title is in Trigedasleng, or the ‘Grounder‘ language.  As it was excitedly/heart-breaking revealed at Comic Con 2015, Lexa, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey is returning.   The producers of her new series, Fear the Walking Dead granted permission for Carey to return to the post-apocalyptic drama.  This will all make ‘Clexa‘ fans very happy, but more for myself, will be the dynamic reunion between the two leaders.  As we all know, Lexa betrayed Clarke towards the end of 02×15, and left a pretty big void in her heart.  Ouch!  And who can forget that expression of pain on the Princess’s face? 😢 Well, here is to hoping that Lexa will have a pretty damn good explanation for doing what she did.   When you make an agreement between two parties, one doesn’t back down.  What do you all think about Lexa returning?  If I were Clarke, I’d punch Lexa square in the face.  Then, again, I’d probably lose that battle.


Share your thoughts in the comments below! Also, there will be lots of *new* photos in the gallery this week, including all of the season one and season two captures.

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