Con-Geda 2018

Con-Geda 2018 Updates Announcement

It has been a while since Grounders Source shared any Con-Geda 2018 news, but now we have some very exciting updates.  Not only has End of the World Events booked another great guest, but they also have gotten two of The 100‘s writers!  Having the writers at Con-Geda is a special opportunity for the fanbase, as it will offer insight into the work that goes on behind-the-scenes.  Additionally, the wonderful planners at EOTW Events have put together a special cast event that fans won’t want to miss out on.  Continue reading to find out what the announcements are and to learn more details about the convention, taking place in June.

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The 100 Con-Geda

The 100 Con-Geda First Confirmed Guests

This week has been chock filled with contagious  Con-Geda news!  First, the Kickstarter was launched and backers have been pledging like crazy!  Then, the official dates, June 22-24th, 2018 were released.  And now, Con-Geda has their first confirmed guests!  I will give you a couple of clues of who they will be!  The first guest appeared in season one and two; they were loved by the fandom, characters, and cast; they held some pretty memorial scenes; they’re gone, but not forgotten.  The second appeared in seasons three and four; was fierce and true to their values; they wanted a world of peace, but felt that it betrayed them.  Give up?  Well, you can see who they are below!

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Con-Geda A The 100 Convention

Con-Geda A The 100 Convention By The Fans For The Fans

If you have ever been to a convention filled with fellow passionate fans, then you know just how fun, exciting, and life-changing it can be.  Interacting and bonding with your favorite talent from a show is also a big bonus!  

What if there was a convention that was designed by a fandom for that fandom?  Fans engaging with fellow fans to give them what they want at this unique con?  

Well, there is one, and it’s called Con-Geda, a The 100 convention.

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