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Con-Geda A The 100 Convention By The Fans For The Fans

by Evelyn Ulrich
Con-Geda A The 100 Convention

If you have ever been to a convention filled with fellow passionate fans, then you know just how fun, exciting, and life-changing it can be.  Interacting and bonding with your favorite talent from a show is also a big bonus!  

What if there was a convention that was designed by a fandom for that fandom?  Fans engaging with fellow fans to give them what they want at this unique con?  

Well, there is one, and it’s called Con-Geda, a The 100 convention.

So, what is “Con-Geda,” and how does it differ from other The 100 conventions?

Con-Geda will be the first The 100 convention hosted in the United States—Los Angeles, California to be specific.  Other The 100 cons are overseas in Europe and Canada, and while that is fine, it is not always realistic to travel, for whatever reason, and they may not give fans the full “hands-on” experience.  This is where Con-Geda differs from them.  

Con-Geda is exclusively working with fan artists to give YOU appreciation perks for supporting the con and helping out.  Also, at the con, there will be lots of different fan interaction and panels, largely chosen by YOU, The 100 fans.

This Con-Geda sounds awesome! When will it take place?

June 22-24, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA

About those “appreciation perks.”  What are they and how can I get one or some?

The perks will be a part of a Kickstarter (coming soon) where startup funds and deposits are to be raised for the convention.  Funding will provide for guest appearance fees, accommodations for talent and managers, transportation for talent and managers, venue deposit and so much more.  In fact, the more money raised, the more the convention can afford to have and do. In honor of your contributions, Con-Geda and End of the World Events will give you backer rewards and perks such as exclusive backer updates regarding con planning and what’s happening behind the scenes, drool-worthy fandom paraphernalia, the chance to have a fanfic prompt of your choice filled, the possibility of  writing an article for Grounders Source, and more!

How can I purchase tickets for Con-Geda?

Pre-sale tickets and extras will be a part of the Kickstarter appreciation perks.  After the Kickstarter, they will be available for purchase on the website (coming soon). Please keep in mind that prices may differ between those for the Kickstarter and those on the site.  So it is suggested that you get your tickets through the Kickstarter to enjoy all the exclusive prizes AND to get your priority admission before they have a chance to sell out on the website.

What guests will be there?

At this time, no guests are confirmed yet, but as I stated previously, the more funding received, the more guests can be achieved.  

Can I take photos and record the panels?

Only the first five minutes of the panel can be photographed with a smartphone or cell, (No DSLRs) without flash, and only the press/media/official photographers can take photos.  Also, absolutely no photography or recording during the photo ops, autographs, and meet and greets, except assigned photographers.  This is standard protocol for conventions and contractually, End of the World Events as a business must follow it.  However, there will be photo-ops where photos will be taken of you with your favorites!

Can I cosplay my favorite The 100 character?

Cosplaying is always encouraged, as long as there are no weapons or deadly instruments.  We want this to be a safe and fun event for everyone.

Where does Grounders Source come into Con-Geda?

Grounders Source is an official media partner for Con-Geda!  I will be covering the convention and preceding stages on the Grounders Source site, as well as its social media outlets. This is a great opportunity for both companies as exposure will be going back and forth.  I will publicize the convention, notifying people in superb fashion.  I owe thanks to the people putting together this amazing convention.  

When will the website be launched, and the Kickstarter?

Very soon! A few final tweaks and final touches are being worked out to make it perfect!  The links will be posted immediately when both are launched.  

Until then, what social media (If any) can I follow for Con-Geda?

You can follow Con-Geda at their Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.  We strongly encourage that you follow them to keep updated on the convention!  

What is the inspiration for Con-Geda?

Via Con-Geda Tumblr:

Con-Geda (inspired by the Trigedasleng word for coalition, kongeda) was created by a group of dedicated fans of The 100, with the intention of developing a convention built on inclusiveness, transparency, and collaboration.

We are all active members of the fandom, and hope to work with fan artists and other such creators to create an extra-special convention, as well as giving the rest of you the opportunity to be involved from the ground up!

Every convention has a company.  What is Con-Geda’s?

The company presenting Con-Geda is  End of the World Events.

Con-Geda is a The 100 convention created by the fans for the fans.  We each have a special connection with The 100, and that itself is the true description of Con-Geda.  We really hope that you can join us and share the experience!

At what venue will Con-Geda hold the event(s)?

Con-Geda will host the convention and related festivities connected to it at the Crown Plaza Los Angeles Airport Hotel, located just a few miles from LAX.  Now, you can book rooms at a discounted rate for the event.  You can go here for the link, and although you do need to place an active credit/debit card to guarantee a room, it won’t be charged until you check out.

I couldn’t get tickets through the Kickstarter.  Is there another way to purchase them, as well as extras? 

Yes, there is!  On October 27th, tickets will be available to the general public and fans who couldn’t do the Kickstarter, which raised more than its goal of 15K, through the End of the World Events website.

Follow Grounders Source on Facebook and Twitter to keep with the latest The 100 news.  You may also leave a comment below.



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