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The 100 Con-Geda First Confirmed Guests

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Con-Geda

This week has been chock filled with contagious  Con-Geda news!  First, the Kickstarter was launched and backers have been pledging like crazy!  Then, the official dates, June 22-24th, 2018 were released.  And now, Con-Geda has their first confirmed guests!  I will give you a couple of clues of who they will be!  The first guest appeared in season one and two; they were loved by the fandom, characters, and cast; they held some pretty memorial scenes; they’re gone, but not forgotten.  The second appeared in seasons three and four; was fierce and true to their values; they wanted a world of peace, but felt that it betrayed them.  Give up?  Well, you can see who they are below!

The 100 Con-Geda

Eli Goree as Well Jaha


It’s Eli Goree, who played Wells Jaha on The 100.  He was Clarke Griffin’s best friend but didn’t always get along with several of the other delinquents, including Bellamy, Murphy, and Finn. This is very exciting for both Con-Geda and Eli, as he has not attended any conventions before.  Eli will be at Con-Geda on Friday, June 22nd  and Sunday, June 24th.  He will be reminiscing about his beloved character in panels, taking photos with guests, holding meet-and-greets, signing autographs, and more.   Eli will be a red-level guest at Con-Geda.  A description of the guests’ colored levels will be at the bottom  Check out his Con-Geda’s official announcement below!


The 100 Con-Geda

Courtesy of End of the World Events, LLC.

Pretty awesome, right?


The 100 Con-Geda

Nadia Hilker as Luna kom Floukru


The second guest was a bit of a teaser, but it is Nadia Hilker! Nadia portrayed Luna kom Floukru during seasons three and four. Luna has cultivated quite the following from her time on The 100. Nadia will be present all weekend at Con-Geda, and will be participating in all fan and cast activities, like Eli. She will be a green-level guest, and all options and extras will be available after the Kickstarter has ended. See the Con–Geda official announcement below.


The 100 Con-Geda

Courtesy of End of the World Events, LLC

Another pretty awesome thing!

The Kickstarter is still running with almost 11K!  You can still make a pledge and get cool perks, including a limited edition Clarke Griffin Pop! figure and passes to the event!  To view the Kickstarter, click here!

Who will be Con-Geda’s next guest?  You’ll have to come back and see!  You can visit Con-Geda’s site at eotwevents.com and can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, to keep up with the latest news.

A valid description of the color levels via Con-Geda Kickstarter:

This is our way of color-coding guests, as some guest extras are included in the con packages and others need to be purchased separately. As guests are added to the lineup, we will reveal what color group they belong to.


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