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Bob Morley To Guest Star In The Rookie Season Finale

The Rookie

There he is!  Bob Morley will be making a guest star appearance in the season three finale of ABC’s The Rookie.  And we’re quite pleased.

In case one hasn’t watched or heard of The Rookie, it’s a police drama that stars Nathan Fillion as rookie officer John Nolan that serves Los Angeles.   Nolan is finally fulfilling his LAPD dream-granted that he is middle-aged and divorced.  Not that any of those characteristics dismounts his dream.

The season finale will be entitled Threshold and here is the official press release:

Officer Nolan mildly injures himself while chasing down a shoplifter and the local DA wants to charge the suspect with assault despite Nolan’s wishes. Meanwhile, Lucy goes undercover, Lopez’ wedding venue is seized by the FBI and Nolan meets his new neighbor.

Credit: ABC

Bob will be playing a gangster associated with a high-crime drug ring, although his official character’s name has not been released yet.  Working aside him is Filipino actor, Alain Uy (Paper Tigers, Hellstrom), who’ll play drug dealer, Dahrio Salonga.

As to affirm their roles, both Morley and Uy can be seen together in this sneak peek clip shared by The Rookie on their official Twitter.  Check it out:

The Rookie on Twitter: “”We’ve been watching you…” Lucy is in deep on #TheRookieFinale, Sunday at 10|9c. / Twitter”

“We’ve been watching you…” Lucy is in deep on #TheRookieFinale, Sunday at 10|9c.

Officer Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neill) goes undercover as ‘Nova’ who just might break up Salonga’s and gangster Morley’s criminal ring.  That is if she accepts Salonga’s ‘cook’ offer.    From Salonga’s comments, she has a history with the gang previously.  Additionally, is that Bellamy Blake peeking out from within?  One could only hope as he is tremendously missed.

At least I do.

What do you think of Bob’s latest role?  Will you be tuning in to The Rookie season finale, even if it is just for Bobby?

The Rookie season finale will air Sunday, May 16th on ABC at 10/9 PM CT.



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