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The 100 Last Four Episodes Titles

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

We are crawling close with The 100 series finale.  With only five episodes left, with The Stranger this Wednesday evening, our heroes are getting ready for their finale battle.  Until then, here are the last four episode titles guarantee to tear you apart.

The 100 season 7 last four episode titles:

The 100 – Episode 7.13 – Blood Giant
The 100 – Episode 7.14 – A Sort of Homecoming
The 100 – Episode 7.15 – The Dying of the Light
The 100 – Episode 7.16 – The Last War (Series Finale)

Via Spoiler TV.

It is going to be a rather emotional and rough ride-both storywise and self.  With the events that occurred in the previous episode, angst, and tensions between beloved characters are nearly a guarantee.

The 100 airs Wednesdays

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