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The 100 Etherea Promo and Stills

by Evelyn Ulrich

Bellamy Blake, the mystery of your disappearance will finally be solved!  And it has been a long time in the waiting.  In Tuesday’s all-new episode, Entherea, Bellamy has been stranded on the mountain planet and has trekked through frigid temps.

The 100 Etherea Promo

It is so relieving to see our favorite male lead back onscreen.  And with him is the Coroner-the guy Bellamy held a knife to in Welcome To BardoThey have been stranded on Etherea for an extended amount of time and somewhat adapted to the elements.  It is a struggle for sure, but if anything, Bellamy is both a fighter and survivor, so as you can see, he will get out of this.


The photos show a very rugged and clearly unshaven Bellamy with a Games of Thrones/Discovery Channel nature documentary vibe.  I emerge myself in the latter often, so the wardrobes are on point-especially from the Vikings era when it was freezing in the European countries.

Levitt is back being an M-cap specialist and from how things went down previously, he might be more committed to the cause.

As always, we have the photos in high-resolution formats!

High-Res Versions

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