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The 100 Etherea Preview

by Evelyn Ulrich

Bellamy Blake is a live and well in tonight’s all-new The 100!  Titled Etherea, Bellamy and the Conductor are isolated on a planet, obviously known as Etherea.  It will be the ultimate test of survival for both as they go against fierce elements and extreme temperatures.

The 100 Etherea Sneak Peek

Bellamy has landed in a strange new place and while he feels relieved at first, he is about to be hit with challenges.  These will more than likely shape him more as a person, and configure a new perspective.

This is a very Bellamy-enriched episode and hits a bit differently,  But it a good different.

Inside The Episode

Write Jeff Vlaming speaks about the inspiration of Etherea and how it became a visual concept on the show.   The episode in itself a huge self-motivation metaphor; it all begins on how we find the will to go forward, even if seem like the most darkest peak.

Will you be watching the return of Bellamy Blake?  And, if you missed it, you can check out the photos and the trailer for The 100 Etherea.

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