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The 100 Nakara Promo and Stills

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 season 7

Our next visit will be to the ice planet with Clarke in the next episode, Nakara!  Clarke and her group must find a way to get off before it is too late.  Yet, getting off it will be one slippery course.  See the promo and the stills for The 100 Nakara by continuing!

At the ending in Hesperides, Clarke, Raven, Jordan, and a couple of others transported to the randomly chosen planet, Nakara.  The place is a frozen wasteland and possibly filled with spiders.  Not that I have an issue with spiders.  It is up to Raven to find the Anomaly Stone so they can continue their “Save our Friends” mission.

Nakara Promo

Just what the hell is going down in the caves?!  Was Nakara set up to trap them?  I analyzed that this could be a possibility in my review for Hesperides as Raven just choosing a planet randomly seemed out of character and out of context.  You cannot just jump from planet to planet without researching about them first.  I am certain that information about the planets and their surroundings are stored within the helmets’ technology.

Then, we have Clarke telling Raven that she does not believe in karma as a means of consolation.  Raven is still reeling from guilt from Hatch’s death, not being able to forget him or forgive herself for her wrongdoing.  It is a depressing spiral as Raven has so many good qualities but she is allowing this shadow dim her light.

But once that Anomaly Stone is located on Nakara, they will be on their next planet adventure.  Where to though?

“They’re not going to stay on that planet for very long, fortunately, but the adventure that happens on Nakara is surprising and fun and definitely one to remember,” -Jason Rothenberg via TVLine

We also have some stills depicting Clarke and Company’s fun adventure on the ice planet.


The high-resolution versions can be found in our gallery here:  706 stills

As a suggestion, you might want to read the review for the previous episode, Welcome To Bardo where I happen to fan about a certain character comeback and took a tour of the weird planet, Bardo.

The 100 Nakara is season 7’s sixth episode and will air this Wednesday.

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