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New The 100 Season 7 Character Posters Released

by Evelyn Ulrich
The Stranger

A set of beautifully colored and mystifying The 100 character posters have been recently released.  We are just over the moon about them because it has been a minute since we received any character promotions.  Each poster has significance to the final season and it is up to us to crack their codes and decipher the clues.

The new posters were launched exclusively by TV Guide last week and has ten main characters.  Each one has a faded moon shaping the characters’ profiles and a Bardo symbol upon their cheeks.  The clues may indicate a specific character’s journey and their final destination.

Because everyone will be traveling through a different wormhole.

Take a look at each one in the slider gallery and draw your own conclusion.

Symbol Sharing

Bellamy and Murphy: Triple Triangle

Clarke and Echo:  Infinity-like Celtic Triangle

Raven and Hope:  Infinity

Gabriel and Jordan: Side Triangle with line

Octavia: Alchemy

Russell/Sheidheda: Slashed Circle

Octavia’s and Russell’s/Sheidheda’s symbols stand out as they are one of kind and no one else shares them.  This might be a clue that the two may go head-to-head in the latter half of the season as both were leaders.  While Octavia had a change of heart and had remorse for her inconceivable actions, Sheidheda did not.  In fact, he kept spilling his evils.

Maybe it is just me, but I am going to be rooting for Octavia if there is a battle between them.  For her, this will be the ultimate repentance and redemption.

Planet Colors:

Bellamy and Russell/Sheidheda: Icy Blue

Clarke and Octavia: Yellow-gold

Raven, Jordan, and Murphy:  Red

Echo, Hope, and Gabriel:  Green

The color that I am most apprehensive is blue as Bellamy and Russell/Sheidheda share it.  I do not know if Bellamy will join forces with Octavia to beat Sheidheda if a battle happens, but I hope that won’t be the case.

The planets are within the Anomaly, but which is which,  is the question.  What we do know are the names for some of them.  There is Alpha, Bardo, Nakara, Skyring, and Etherea.

As the characters explore, we will find out more about these locations and hopefully, their histories.

What are your theories on the symbols?  Whose do you like most?  What do you think will happen with the characters?

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