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Jason Rothenberg Releases The 100 Season 7 Opening Sequence

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

The 100 will be back on May 20th for the iconic show’s seventh and last season.  The days are quickly approaching and we still don’t have a trailer or promotional stills.  However, Jason Rothenberg (the executive producer) has gifted the eager fans with the opening sequence of the upcoming season!

The fandom has been in wait for any kind of promotion in regards to the last season, and who can blame them?  A great show deserves great promotion and recognition.  It’s just common knowledge.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the promotion has been delayed.

On Friday afternoon, Jason Rothenberg treated us with the seventh season opening sequence.   There is a lot to take in on the 30 second clip-including my own theories as well as a few possible Easter eggs.

Let’s take a look:

First and foremost, Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley finally have their name cards aligned!  They’ve been the magnetic leads since Day 1, back when the pilot aired on March 21st, 2014.  This is a well-deserved moment and achievement for Bobby because he brings such vivid life into Bellamy Blake and that takes true talent to deliver the performance.

And let’s not forget that it gives extra bonus points that Eliza and Bob are married.

Although, I will miss Paige Turco and her incredible performance of Abigail “Abby” Griffin.

Carrying on, let’s break down the sequence video.

Bellamy’s Feelings Revealed?

Eliza’s name card is the same as season 6, but still as bright and vividly rich.  Bob’s, on the other hand, has Becca’s lab flashed behind his.  Now, what could this possibly mean?

In 4×13 “Praimfaya“, the season 4 finale, Bellamy and Clarke separated so that she can save him and the others.  I believe that the two had a lot to discuss, but due to the intense and restrictive timing, that never came to be.  It was very much in the physical and not-so-vocal open that Bellamy wanted to express just how much Clarke meant to him.

He never got to because she stayed behind at the precise moment the rocket took off.  For the majority of us, it was so heartbreaking.

Bellamy pretty much closed off his feelings after they met again and each has established different lives by then.  Sure, the fiery dynamic was still between them, but something also shifted.  Both learned to live without the other and change over the course of six-plus years.

The season 6 plot heavily focused on Bellamy getting Clarke back, after Josephine took over her mind and body.  He had done it in full heart and head, never giving up on his best friend.

Yet, Bellamy is still burdened with the guilt of letting Clarke go, and by transporting back to Becca’s lab, he wants to make up for lost words.

Of course, this is just mere speculation, not an official confirmation.  So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Cold As Ice

Here is a spoiler about the new season:  Nakara is the ice planet, one of the new locations where the characters will transport to.  But, here’s an interesting tidbit.  In the lower right corner, the word “Ossuary” glitches in.  The term reflects the meaning of cemetery,  so is the planet the final resting place for characters who passed on?

And Sanctum transports the dead through the Anomaly or an unknown method.

Death is a crucial staple on the show, so it wouldn’t be surprising if this is accurate.   As far as who is dying in the last season, everyone is pretty much in the air.  Murphy-of who had a strong story presence in season 6, might be creeping towards his ending.  After all, the man did experience Hell after he “died” and knowing that he didn’t want to be alone, he proposed to Emori so that they can live forever, according to Sanctum’s terms.

It’s a very sentiment and emotional arc of two complexed partners and just how far they have journeyed.

Continuing on with Nakara, Marie Avgeropoulos’ name looms over the frozen horizon-as if she’s connected to the planet.  Like Murphy, Octavia too went through her redemption transition.  Not long after the tearful reconciliation with Bellamy, she was misted into the Anomaly.  Perhaps this is where she is transported and finds her “peace”.

If The 100 chooses to continue the pattern of redemption then death, then we may say good-bye to Octavia.  Octavia has gone through one of the most layered developments in the show’s history.  She went from the girl under the floor to the controversial Blodreina.  Has any other character gone through such a dramatic transition?

Since the Anamoly has called her, what will be her purpose?  Will she rule Nakara as a peaceful leader, or will she meet her maker?

There is so much that we don’t know and are so curious about!

Echo’s New Evolution?

InAshes To Ashes Echo shared her story of a traumatic childhood and became a Nightblood against her will. The Nightblood line has been in place for Commanders, but that revolutionized when Abby scientifically made Nightblood. Sanctum treats those born with Nightblood like Gods as they become Primes.

Echo never became a Prime as Sanctum has fallen in the finale.

Tasya Teles’ card has a snow-pathed mountain in the background, so does this reflect that Echo will revisit her past?  Or could it reveal that she will carve her own path as a leader?  Echo has always been the follower, spying on the enemy frontlines so that her people-no matter the clan or group-can be safe.  She also has done it for her own survival, for fear that she may be killed by her leaders (Queen Nia and possibly Roan) and was so brainwashed by the Queen.

It would be an interesting character storyline for Echo because she wants to do what’s right after doing so many wrongs.  Let’s not forget though that Bellamy forgave her and even found something beautiful underneath the tough exterior. It’s a classic story f enemies to lovers, even though they had some rough roads.

And if Echo does become a Commander in the untraditional sense, will Bellamy reign with her?  That is of course after he finds his sister.

A Few Thoughts 

As it’s getting late, I am going to close with a couple of thoughts and some “Bonus Bullets.”

I truly think that this is the best opening so far because not only does it captivate the viewer, but the wonderful and cool natural flow.  It immortalizes The 100-as it progressed from a series about young adult survival to changing the course of television dynamics.  As The 100 literally no bounds or limits (if it was on cable, then the graphic nature will be exceeded), there is nothing that it cannot do, but it always drops a valuable lesson.

Bonus Bullets:

  • The Anamoly stone set in the second zero of the title was an elaborate touch to the season’s theme.
  • It appears that Gabrial (Chuku Modu) will be space exploring or thinking of intergalactic travel as Modu’s card looms over a galaxy.
  • Russell Lightbourne (JR Bourne) may find peace after losing his wife and daughter.  The name card is over a body of water that is surrounded by trees.  Forestry and water symbolize tranquility and peace for those who seek it.
  • The white corridor, in the beginning, reminds me of Heaven’s Doors, and the song “Knockin’On Heaven’s Door” might have been a subtle foreshadowing of the characters’ final destiny. I hope that I am dead wrong though.
  • Although the opening is fantastic, Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusick, and all the others are well missed.

Tell me, what did you think of  The 100 ‘s very last opening sequence? Are you excited about the new and final season?  And what are your hopes in terms of narratives?

The 100 season 7 will air May 20th

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