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The 100 Season 7 Episodes 7×02-7×09 Titles

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 season 7

Not too long ago, we were informed of  The 100 season 7 premiere title and a little before that, the title for the backdoor pilot.  We have some very exciting news concerning the upcoming and final season.

“From The Ashes” is the title for the seventh season premiere, airing May 20th on the CW.  It will continue Octavia’s journey into the mysterious anomaly and create new dramas for beloved characters,  After losing her mother and nearly losing her daughter Madi, Clarke may have a difficult road ahead of as she copes with these significances.

The 100 Season 7


Here are the titles for episodes 7×02-7×09:

The 100 – Episode 7.02 – The Garden
The 100 – Episode 7.03 – False Gods
The 100 – Episode 7.04 – Hesperides
The 100 – Episode 7.05 – Welcome to Bardo
The 100 – Episode 7.06 – Nakara
The 100 – Episode 7.07 – The Queen’s Gambit
The 100 – Episode 7.08 – Anaconda (backdoor pilot)

The 100 – Episode 7.09 – The Flock

Via Spoilertv.com

Several of these names reflect mythology and religious thematics, by which The 100 is well known for.  The Queen’s Gambit is a well-known chess move and the game has been presented through the seasons.

The 100 Season 7

What do you think of these titles?  And, remember, they’re subject to change!

Photo credits Brian Corkum via Facebook

Catch The 100 May 20th for its final season!

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