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The 100 The Children of Gabriel Preview

by Evelyn Ulrich
Children of Gabriel

The 100 The Children of Gabriel will teach us more about the customs of Sanctum and its unique citizens.  Clarke will attempt to negotiate an amicable plan for her people to coexist with them.  It may be hard process-as Sanctum as we know can unfold dark secrets and even darker releases.  What will Specekru face further in The Children of Gabriel?  Continue on for a preview along with some sneak peeks and creator’s cut.  There will be some light teases, so be aware!

In last week’s heart racing episode, Red Sun Rising, Clarke and her band of Moon-Walkers (!) discover that Alpha/Sanctum is actually a dark paradise filled with hallucinating horrors.  Everyone who had done an act against the humane laws faced their demons head-on.  It was brutal; it was terrifying; it conjured questions about certain aspects.

The Children of Gabriel

In The Children of Gabriel, this week’s all-new episode, Clarke finds herself settling in with Sanctum and getting to know all of its potentials, with one exception.  We will also find out more about those mysterious children that gleefully swooped up the stairs and left Spacekru bewildered.   A little girl asked Clarke if she was to take them home.  The question held a dark melody to it, cluing the audience even more that the Moon is not an ideal habitat for people.

Finally, we’ll get introduced to Russell Lightbourne, obviously a descendant of the first Russell, the seemingly charismatic and peaceful leader.  Yet, he carries a certain animosity, that maybe he is just as dangerous and sinister and should be wary of.

While happiness may feel like a foreign concept on The 100, the episode does resonate some for a bright and angelic character.  With that, then maybe, despite all its venom, there may be a future on Alpha.  However, I am saying that with grains of salt as this just may be just a ruse to distract hidden motives.

Children of Gabriel

Another segment in Children of Gabriel will be the continuation of the Blakes’ wrath.  Bellamy is still furious at Octavia and he has every right to be.  However, he’s allowing that anger to build up inside of him, which will only lead to more heartbreak.  I am not saying that he should forgive right away; that’ll take precarious time, but eventually, they both must have a discussion regarding the transgressions that Octavia has done.

It will soften some of the pain between them, partially fixing their relationship.

Children of Gabriel

When you forgive someone, it’s not that you are bowing to them, or accepting their mistreatments, but freeing yourself of resentment and hostility, allowing yourself contentment, and to move on.  A common misconception of forgiving is that you still have connections with that person or that you gifted them with it.  In fact, it’s the opposite.   It’s a deserved gift that you give yourself, and by choice, you can cut off all connections them.

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For Bellamy and Echo lovers out there, watch for their interactions as they’re being fierce, yet adorable.

Children of Gabriel

Moving forward, there will also be some poignant Bellamy and Clarke moments that should make some of the audience satisfied.   Now, I’m not saying if/if not if you catch my implication, but they got a good thing going on.   The scenes should alleviate the intensity of the two shared in Red Sun Rising.

And, there is a dog!  A Golden Retriever to be more precise!  And Clarke in a pink dress!  Maybe there is some joy in The 100 after all!

Children of Gabriel

To close, here are three sneak peeks along with Inside the Episode with Jason Rothenberg and writer, Drew Lindo.

Sneak Peek One

Sneak Peek Two

Sneak Peek Three

Inside the Episode

Be sure to check back for our recap-review following the episode later this week!

The 100 The Children of Gabriel will air tonight on the CW!  Be sure to watch live Fankru!

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