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The 100 Sanctum Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Sanctum

The 100 season 6 premiered this week with Sanctum.  A compounded and well-constructed episode, Sanctum touched down on several elements, including seeking a new home, moral struggles, and the hope of starting over.  Check out my recap-review for The 100 SanctumNote:  Will contain spoilers from the episode; read at your own risk!

The 100 Sanctum Recap-Review

Episode 601

Air Date April 30th, 2019

 We’re In Pilot Mode!

So, what did you think of that season six premiere?  Pretty effing wild, am I right?  The 100 arrived once again tonight with the season six premiere of Sanctum, in which was written by Jason Rothenberg.  The episode was ingrained with the pilot vibes, and it was truly mesmerizing to breathe it all.  It possessed nostalgia, reflecting on past sequences and an insurmountable amount of parallels.  If anything, The 100 really knows how to start the season with their premieres.  They’re compacted with a pensive storyline, complexed, layered characters, and engrossing situations.  With this content, the episodes captivate and react to the audience, encouraging them to further the journey.  Sanctum continues the tradition of deliverance while providing suspense and radiance throughout.  Without further ado, here is my recap-review of the stellar episode.

The 100 Sanctum

A Century and a Quarter Later, We Still Have The Issues

Sanctum begins right after the season 5 finale, Damocles Part Two left off.  Those who are awakened from the 125+ years cryo-sleep are the first ones to watch Monty’s good-bye, with a tearful rejoinder.  Raven and Echo are the ones who are affected the most by the loss.  Monty was a member of their family who taught them many inspiring ideas and taught them how to live happily.  It’s a life lesson that was stunningly gifted.

Also, the rest of the chosen awaken met and friended Jordan Green who is taking to meeting new faces and structuring bonds like he had done it for years, instead of hours.  I knew that he would have no issue fitting in and being included as he is a charismatic presence.

It is to be noted that Jordan grieved for his parents as he and Raven took in Alpha, triggering yet another season one connection.

Albeit it being several years, people are still peeved at Clarke for the betrayals that she had done last season.  This is nothing new, but for Clarke it was an uncomfortable ambiance.  These were the very people, her friends, her co-leader of whom she saved from agonizing deaths, but all of that has been swept under the rug and forgotten.  I cannot help but think if they had children of their own, would they do the same exact approach?  I am asking that because that is precisely the reason WHY she has done the deeds.

The 100 Sanctum

Also, shut up Murphy.  Stop being the damning hypocrite!

But Clarke Griffin holds her own light and she can withstand any disapproval and maliciousness from anyone.  Coming to her defense is Echo, accentuating the fact that she came around at the end.  This standup from Echo only deepens her characterization through the seasons as she is becoming more selfless, and valid.

This is a friendship that I would love to see more of, as these two women were once polar opposites, but now they’re on the same side.  The potential is at the highest peak, and for Clarke to have a friend would be refreshing.  God knows that she needs one (or two).

After Bellamy’s leadership speech protocol and planning on who to take down on the New Planet, the gang heads to the transport ship.  Zooming in on their potential new habitat, the air is thick with apprehension and wonder.  What will happen once they land and explore?  Will Alpha’s air and elements be toxic?  Will there be enemies that want them dead?  Who will take the first step on the Ground?  These questions will be heavily answered once the group arrives.

Before they head out, Clarke and her mother share a moment that was very similar in the pilot.

“Go save us all.”

The 100 Sanctum

With those words, Clarke is under the pressure once again to save all of humanity.  It’s a heavyweight to handle, but Clarke famously saved others before and she will so again.

As for Raven, who is being left behind, has a physically saturated scene with Zeke Shaw and for a few moments, though worthwhile, Raven is exuberant and glowing.   It’s positive reinforcement for disabled characters engaging intimate relationships as they’re often cast as the woe-be-gone sidekick or just to emphasize pity from peers.  Or to endlessly dwell on their handicaps.  It’s a rather degrading and offensive representation of how disabled people are projected, instead of representing what they can be in a constructive medium.

Raven deserves to be happy and disability should never be the reason of seclusion.  There is more to the suffering and pain because although we as the disabled do suffer, have pain, and sometimes the world may want to crush us, (I am not repudiating the facts), but we do love and can otherwise have healthy lifestyles.  Raven is highly capable of having a happy and healthy life, and she rightfully deserves it.

But will Raven allow herself to experience joy as she had seldom scenes embracing it?  Why does she feel like doesn’t?

The 100 Sanctum

Abby is trying effortlessly to save the man she loves.  (Thanks, Octavia, for the tea service) Niylah is aiding alongside her but is in discouragement as she feels that Kane’s fight is over, and at this point, it certainly appears that way.  But knowing Abby, and all that she had fought against, and lost, isn’t about to lose the one person who completely and unconditionally loves her.  The source to her world and life.  Yet, before he was stowed back into cryo after taking algae to induce comatose, he and Abby share the beauty of the Moon and just how far they have come.  It’s a sweet moment, held all the intimacy, without overexposure.  But I wouldn’t mind Kabby hitting the sheets a bit and sharing a smooch.  We were deprived of that last season and this was the perfect opportunity to be included in.

Meanwhile, her problems with Raven are still very much in the open.  Raven gives her the lowdown of her frustrations about Abby’s cruel mistreatment.   For Raven, the pain is all too real; to relive it had to been torture, as Abby is the closest person to a mother.  Her own mom passed from alcoholism, and there is profound fear that she may lose Abby too to her opioid addiction.

Abby shares that she is no longer an addict and is clean, but Raven doesn’t buy it.  It’s common for loved ones to have this reaction when they witness the downfall of addictions.  Psychologically, it harms because, in your mind, you are trying to figure out the why of addiction, while also contemplating humane methods of helping them.  Very few stand by and many walk away because the pain of watching and getting refuted by the addicts is just too much to bear.

This will be an ongoing conflict for them this season, but hopefully, absolution is given.  Which brings us to the next section.

Let’s Take A Moonwalk!

Let’s get back to the adventure squad!  Upon arriving, eke and Emori test out Planet-in which we found out earlier was a MOON with fauna, flora, breathtaking landscapes, and large water sources.  Of course, the excitement of dropping once again on the Ground is radiating.   (no pun intended) Everyone takes the first step after questioning who, deciding that they all equally deserve it.

The 100 Sanctum

Then, of course, the slight alteration to the classic line, “We’re back bitches” to Miller hilariously quipping it to “Anyone got anything better than we’re back bitches?” punched right in the pilot feels.

And you have that wonderfully emotionally driven remembrance of Monty’s dream to do better!

So, what’s the agenda when it came to exploration?  How about finding a large body of water and taking a dip?  That is exactly what Murphy had done and done it so brazenly and unaffected.  To heighten the definitive scene, Spacekru is entranced, reflected the same concern, albeit many not being there when Octavia did the dip.  What was even cuter is when got Emori to join him.   Aww, my Memori heart is in love. 😍

As we head into the night, a campfire is the much-needed wind-down.  Focusing in, Bellamy and Echo (while cuddling) discussed the important topic of forgiveness, that it’s the key to start over, and how forgiving can unload the pent-up anger and hostility towards the one who did you wrong.  The 100 SanctumFor the one giving it, can also be freeing and liberating as you no longer must cope with negative feelings.  I can see the pain and trauma in Bellamy’s eyes for what Octavia has done to him by sending him in the Pit.  Forgiving her will be difficult as she is his own flesh and blood, and someone under his care and guidance.

Echo senses Bellamy’s pain and because of her deep, unconditional love for him, she wants to erase it.

What can you do if your own family turned against you?  All that you can do is hope that they’ll improve, take your feelings into consideration, and learn from their mistakes.

Should Bellamy forgive his sister?  As I said, it’ll be hard because she has harmed him many a time and gave the possible death sentence.  However, for them to truly move on, the Blakes must have a discussion of how the incident both impacted them both.  They never had a head and heart-on talk; by doing so, they can find the best and realistic tactic solution to their transgressions.

For Bellamy and Octavia, forgiveness for them is harder to grant than most.

Here is the kicker though with the power of forgiveness.  You can forgive, but you don’t have to forget.  Forgiving the abuser, forgiving those who turn against us, who mistreated, and those who indirectly reasonable for the way our lives molded, will not make you weak or less a victim.  Forgiveness is not a weakness; it’s a strength.  It’s not a right or a privilege-as I never believed that it was,  but a responsibility as a human being.  You can still disassociate after forgiveness as that is a right.

Bellamy should forgive Octavia as she is his sister, and the angry burden will only weigh him down. He should take the time to offer it.

If there is no forgiveness, then I have lost all hope for the Blakes to get to a better place.  And, I am a damn hopeful person!

Moving on, Zeke speaks about the role of salvation.  Clarke apologized of what she has done wrong, would change the past if she could, but in order to receive the salvation and make amends, she must do better, besides just voicing it.  I know that she will, but it’s going hard when you have nearly everyone pissed at you.

The 100 Sanctum

Now, it becomes a run-for-your-life scenario. Earlier, Jackson discovered an insect that ate out of his hand.  Thanks to the eco-chemistry shifting, that insect now wants to eat him.  But it’s not just one little bug; it’s an entire swarm!

We wanted wildlife after all.

It’s a mix of panic and escape.  In the frenzy, Zeke falls in the electro-radiation field, succumbing to the waves.  While he perished a hero, saving them all by giving Clarke the Code to disable the tower, his death is strongly contrasted to Kane’s dismissal, who is still alive with a beating heart in cryo.

While Jordan Bolger was granted the lead in a top network series, Zeke’s death was the product of “mishandled minority.”  The media has construed irresponsibility when it comes to the treatment of marginalized groups; how these groups all fall under similar circumstances.

The 100 Sanctum

Death is nothing new on The 100 as countless beloveds met their maker in some form or another.  Yet, if the show wants to earn bonus points, the minority deaths and representation must be improved.  Everyone should be seen and treated as fair as possible, with no one being viewed as “the better one.”

But I am not going to pass any false indignation based on the fact that everyone involved with the show really placed their hard work and passions into the series.

Zeke Shaw next to Jordan was a character who resonated an optimistic uplift to the dark narrative.  He had a countless number of potential story arcs including mind paintings of how he could challenge Raven while loving her healthily.

While his physical self may be gone, his impact and impression on The 100 won’t be erased.  Shaw emulated perseverance, morality, and sincerity.  He gave us so much more than we anticipated from him and we will always value him.

The Castle On Haunted Hill

The group transcends, showing signs of fatigue and loss.  When it seems like the end of the rope, a hopeful discovery is made.   In the hilly horizon, an expansive castle along with smaller structures is in their vision. Excited, but cautious, they check the community’s grounds.  Emori points out the Infinity symbol, curious about its significance to Alpha.  It’s been revealed that Becca has done the tech for Eligius, so naturally, the symbol will be honored.

The 100 Sanctum

The monument doesn’t stop there as Clarke examines a shrine of the Eligius III members.  Sensing that she and the others shouldn’t be there as if disrupting their peace, the investigation continues.

And Murphy swiped an iPod after Bellamy told him not to.   Ooof!

At least it was put into great use as Murphy and Emori had themselves a little dance party.

In the schoolhouse filled with childhood creations, Clarke and Bellamy share a private moment.  They spoke how they wished that Octavia and Madi attended school, and of course, those radio calls.  Speaking to Bellamy, even if he didn’t respond, kept her sane, and gave her the hope and motivation to live in isolation with the only company of a child.  I am glad that these two established a strong friendship and have somewhat of a trust system.

The 100 Sanctum

Clarke laughing and smiling was just too precious as she hasn’t in a long time.  It made the episode that much more special.  The two always possessed the chemistry of drawing the show in and it’s always a good thing to see them on the same page.

At least for now.  They still have lots of things to sort out before they are back to their old terms.

One thing that I LOVED was how the Psychosis Eclipse was introduced into the context and setting.  I am a fan of children’s’ books as they represent innocence and charm. Yet, Red Sun Rising is no ordinary book.  Sure, it may look and have the feel of a children’s story, but it isn’t at all.

What it really is, is a literal warning of demonizing mania to come.  And the first one who got scorched was Emori.  Which prompts lots of curious questions.

And, their ship has been hijacked.  Whoops!

Bonus Bullets:

  • The whole colorization of Sanctum was truly aesthetic and vivid.
  • Octavia, girl, you know that I love you, but you must take responsibility for your actions.  Playing the Blame Game only makes your situation worse.
  • Those Bellamy and Echo moments was everything that I had wished for, but even better.
  • Zeke’s last words were profound and true. “Raven deserves happiness.”  I hope that this is an omen.
  • Niylah waking up Octavia spoke volumes about her budding feelings for Octavia, and I hope that they become a thing. Who wants Nytavia?!
  • Getting the psyche breakdown of Miller offered us a better insight of his character, where he sat with Blodreina, and how he revealed his “hangover” to Jackson. Talking it out and supporting one another is the first step to the healing process.
  • Also, more Mackson please because you can never have enough of those two!
  • Quotes that stood out: “For Clarke, we called that a Tuesday”, “Anyone got anything better than “We’re Back Bitches?”, “Thank you Monty”, “Oh, my God! We’re aliens!”, “The Murphy Show”, “There’s no starting over without forgiveness, Bellamy”, “Who knew that cockroaches could swim?”.
  • Albeit their cute conversation, Bellamy and Clarke still have a long way to go before they’re back to perfect symmetry. It’s what we want!
  • Harper McIntyre deserved a lot more mentioning.
  • Clarke and Bellamy owned the episode.  As did all of them.
  • Octavia showing concern for her brother signifies that she is still very much wounded after what she had done.
  • Jordan is a wee beam of hope and love. He is just what the show needed.
  • Also, did anyone else find it slightly hilarious that Jordan was told to stay on the ship by Bellamy and Clarke, despite the fact that he is a grown man?
  • Why was Emori affected first by the Eclipse? Was it because she fell in the underbrush first and got bit by the bugs?  Is she more susceptible to the bad air quality? Or, does she have the most demonizing demons of them all?  Also, I found it a little perturbing that she the first one.
  • Did Echo and Raven visit the Eligius Salon before the start of the episode? Because their hair and makeup are just way too perfect for The 100   It was no wonder that Bellamy and Zeke couldn’t keep their eyes off them.
  • Who woke up whom? I was kind of depressed that we didn’t get any monumental wake-ups.

The 100 Sanctum

What did you think of The 100 Sanctum?  Did you think that it was a great season 6 opener?  Why or why not?  How will the psychosis affect our characters and their relationships?  What can we learn more about them as people?

Next time on The 100….

You may not like Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, and the others in Red Sun Rising.  Just a heads-up.

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