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The 100 Red Sun Rising Photos and Promo Trailer

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Red Sun Rising

If you thought that The 100 Sanctum blew your mind with the adventure, just wait until you see Red Rise Rising, tomorrow night’s latest installment of season 6!  The dramatics take a life of their own as Clarke and company become the victims of the seemingly beautiful elements.  Check out the (very short) trailer and the promotional photos for The 100 Red Sun Rising!

 Red Sun Rising trailer

It appears that Octavia will be the one who’ll be hit hard.  And, she isn’t even under the suns!

Promotional Photos

Access the full album


Access the full album

You can also read the in-depth recap-review of The 100 Sanctum to get you caught up!

The 100 Red Sun Rising will air tomorrow night on the CW!

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