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The 100 Season 6: 5 Massive Hopes For Clarke Griffin

by Evelyn Ulrich

The 100 season 6 premieres this week and our people will go into one of the most challenging storylines yet.  They will face their demons in an environmentally driven method.  Some will go through it worse, while some maybe not at all.  For Clarke Griffin, she has battled lots of grievances and demons through much of The 100’s course.  However, being one of the more selfless characters, I believe that Clarke deserves happiness.  Here are 5 considerable hopes for Clarke’s happiness in season 6.

Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), the woman behind the saviorship and few flaws, has remarkably shown the audience that she is invincible.  While she may have always put others first, whether it’d be her friends, Madi, or even enemies, Clarke never had a moment for herself.  She deserves to be happy and have something good in her life.   What will season 6 bring for Clarke?  Aside from the obvious trail of being blamed?

5 Massive Hopes For Clarke Griffin


The 100 Season 6

5.  Hope:   Reconnecting With Abby

Clarke hasn’t had a tender, reconnection moment or the much-needed talk with her mother Abby (Paige Turco).  In season 5, there were possibilities for the two really to open up.  Although Clarke saved her mom from an overdose, she didn’t know the reason Abby was addicted.   It would have been a great potential storyline for the mom and daughter duo.  Another hook was asking more advice on raising Madi, besides going to such drastic lengths.

The season 6 hope for Clarke and Abby is to have much more screen time in season 6 and reigniting their bond.

The 100 Season 6

4.  Hope:  Clarke Deepens Her Bond With Madi

When Clarke became an adoptive mom to Madi (Lola Flanery) last season, we were delighted because it gave a chance for Clarke to grow her character and share her love.  While this was certainly true, there were some errors on Clarke’s behalf. Once such was shocking Madi to prevent her on becoming Commander.  While all new parents make mistakes, this incident was hard to brush off.

Even still, the love for Madi never faltered.  At the end of season 5, Clarke was proud of her for doing such an honest and inspiring lead off.

The season 6 hope is that Clarke and Madi will have even more sweet moments together.  Clarke will give her daughter more freedom, according to multiple sources, but Madi will always see her as “Mom”.

The 100 Season 6

3.  Hope:  Clarke Gains A Friend

It has been a  long time that Clarke had a friend.  And let’s confess:  the friendship between her and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) was one of the best ones on The 100.  After Clarke’s betrayal, the duo split ways, engaging in an aggressive standoff that made sense contextually.  It was depressing as Princess Mechanic shared many an adventure.

The season 6 hope: Clarke and Raven must make amends because both equally need it.  If not Raven, then maybe Echo as I would love to see more interactions.  And, tiny spoiler, Echo comes to Clarke’s aide.

The 100 Season 6

2.  Hope:  Receiving Bellamy’s Forgiveness

One of the more important and flowing arcs this season will be seeking forgiveness from Bellamy (Bobby Morley).  If you studied the deep and structured history, then you know that Bellamy and Clarke have forgiven one another for their past transgressions and the dynamics were done vividly.  However, this time around, forgiveness will be difficult as Clarke literally left Bellamy to die.  It definitely pulled a huge strain on the Bellarke relationship, because to Bellamy, it felt like a kick in the ass, and Clarke didn’t blink an eye.

The Heart and the Head is the center point of the show because of the consistent and structured development they share.  Even when things are rough, the resurrection was always in the books.

The season 6 hope:  Bellamy and Clarke will eventually forgive and move on.  It’s because they function so well as leaders and possess major drive.  Besides, I don’t like it when there is a riff.

The 100 Season 6

1.  Hope:  Clarke Finds a New Love

No one could ever take over Lexa as she was the love of Clarke’s life.  It wouldn’t be right on so many levels, but we all know that.  Yet, it wouldn’t hurt to see Clarke open up her heart and smile with a partner.  She deserves love just as much as everyone else and now is the right time.  The sixth season is filled with new adventures and opportunities, so it’s very possible.  Clarke mustn’t endure sadness or loss of love.

The season 6 hope is that no matter who the lucky guy or girl is, they better make Clarke feel secured and loved.  After all, she is well worth it.

The 100 Season 6

Bonus Hope:  Clarke Creates Masterpieces

Seeing Clarke create art, especially the drawings of her friends, and the Journey to the Ground piece on her cell floor in season 1 is truly aesthetic.  When she is drawing, she is releasing her soul, telling a really good story, and is at peace.  We all need a little something to ourselves from time-to-time just so we can unwind.

The season 6 hope is that Clarke will continue her art as it is a significant part of her.  Additionally, her art somehow foreshadows events in the series as if she has a psychic mind.

What are your hopes for Clarke in season 6?  Will she find hope and happiness again?

The 100 Season 6 premieres April 30th

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