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The 100 Bellamy Blake: Man Of Reason

by Evelyn Ulrich
Bellamy Blake

The 100‘s Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) has been well-defined to be a man who knows how to survive in a brutal, post-apocalyptic world.  He values the life of his people has been redeemed for his sins and opened up his mind and eyes to the situations unfolding before him.  It’s without a doubt that Bellamy Blake is one of the most well-written characters on current television.  With season 5 in full-fledge, he has tackled many new events.  But who or what exactly is Bellamy Blake?

To answer the tough question, Bellamy Blake is a human of great depth and personage.  He has never held back on any conflict as he believed that it will help save his people.  Compiled is a list of what defines Bellamy Blake and how it sculpted him as “who“.

Symbol of Redemption

Bellamy has been responsibly a part of the mass killings that have segued throughout the series, and it was disheartening to witness.  His first involvement (the culling) was due to his own selfishness as he’d feared that he will be executed on the spot by the Guard.  With the insight and persuasion of Clarke, Bellamy was able to redeem himself and become a respectable leader.  Then, in season three Bellamy was brainwashed by Charles Pike, and aided in the genocide of 300 grounders.   For the remainder of the third season, he tried hard to refocus on being a good leader and disassociating from Pike.   Season five, I believe, is the best version of Bellamy because he is now a thinker and does not make the choices impulsively.  He has taken his trauma, learned from it, and allowed himself to grow and heal.


Bellamy Blake

Leading With Heart And Head ❤🧠

Bellamy has taken the role of leader since day one.  At first, he was not exactly virtuous as it was mostly for his own gain.  I can’t say that I liked him, but simultaneously, Bellamy did have a few valid points.  One is being his sister; everything that he had done was to protect her.  Don’t get me wrong-Bellamy DID try to save himself, but without him, who would save Octavia?  As his arc grew, so did his leadership.  Up to the end of season four, he has been co-leading with Clarke, with his heart.  They’re a magical pairing like salt and vinegar chips (delicious with beets, by the way), and together they found incredible ways to save their people.  With season 5 looming, Bellamy has traded in his heart for his head, and dare I say he has done wonders with the switch?  The fate of 283 Cryo-sleep prisoners was literally in his hands.  The decision of NOT killing them-despite they were the worst of the worst, reeled us in that he has truly changed.  The old Bellamy would have killed them without thinking through.  Another example is the sedation of Octavia, who has gone off a bit ‘batty’ this season in her role of Blodreina.  This was a hard choice for Bellamy to make as this is his baby sister-who raised and loved her.  His heart was shattered by the outcome, but his head told him it was the only thing that it will not only save others but herself as well.   It was very depressing to see, but  I have to side with him.  With episodes 509-513 not aired yet, I am going to predict that Bellamy will continue using his head to lead.

Bellamy Blake

My Sister, My Responsibility 👨‍👧

I have always enjoyed the relationship of the Blake siblings-as they have a fascinating arc and dynamic unlike anything else on The 100.  Bellamy always doted on his sister; making sure that she had enough to eat growing up, having regular teenage experiences (that didn’t go well), and protecting her above all else.  Octavia, on the other hand, may not have reciprocated the gestures on an appreciative and grateful level.  She always blamed her brother for her own faults and mistakes and Bellamy just accepted it.  Why?  Because he loved his sister, and in a sense, he was afraid that he’d lose her if he didn’t.  But all of that shifted when he had to place Octavia in an induced coma to stop her terror.  I hate calling her reign “terror” but there is no other logical way to accurately describe it.  If anyone was to bring her down, it would be Bellamy as he lives up to the responsibility of caring for her.  Unfortunately, things between them are headed into even rougher waters.  Yet, I am still leaning on the hope that Bellamy and Octavia will reconcile as the season draws to a close.  They are family, and without family, who do you have?

Bellamy Blake

Finding Forgiveness 🌺

While up in space, Bellamy has forgiven Echo for her actions of trying to kill his sister.  It had taken three years out of the six they’ve been up there, and as much I enjoy them romantically (don’t hate or shade), I wonder what special motion it took for Bellamy to forgive her.  We didn’t see any backup (flashback please) on this, but using their given history, Echo did the brutality for the same reason Bellamy had done his actions: to save their people.  My forgiveness theory is that the two had a long, detailed discussion about what had happened, and they both had to move on, release their anger, and eventually get along.  Echo may not have been the first soul that Bellamy has forgiven, but she is the one who has the greatest emphasis on the matter.

Bellamy Blake

The Negotiator ☕

To save Clarke, Bellamy came up with a brilliant method.  When Diyoza held Clarke hostage, Bellamy used a coffee mug to negotiate, along with his powerful voice.  For Clarke’s life, he wouldn’t kill the 283 prisoners asleep on the mothership.  The proposition worked because Diyoza spared Clarke’s life as those prisoners are her people.  It was a beautiful scene and a great way to reunite the two without physical contact.  This is the first negotiation that he had done as a sole leader, and he succeeded.  I am sure that Clarke is proud of him as well!

Bellamy Blake

Lovers Light 💑

I hope that I don’t sound shallow with this asset, as that is not my intention.  However, I am not one who spares any details, so here it goes.  Every character deserves happiness and the desire to be loved, and Bellamy Blake is no exception.  When he loves someone, he truly shows it.  With Echo (again, not hate or shade), he shares the “Mt. Weather” connection, and he found that soft interior in her under a hard shell.  Echo probably never had someone that loved her unconditionally, and she shares the love back with him.  I know that people are rather divided on this relationship, but in my belief and vision. it’s created to show us that love can happen in the two unlikely people, and it is also one of forgiveness.   Echo found herself to be a better person because of Bellamy, and she wants to hold on to that.  I cannot blame her as we all want to endure love and happiness.  Bellamy is entitled to it too, and we cannot take it away.   Despite their turmoils, they completely complement one other.

Bellamy Blake

Let’s not isolate Clarke when it comes to love.  Bellamy always loved Clarke for she is a very important person in his life, and he will be eternally grateful that she sacrificed herself for their lives.   Believing that she was dead, Bellamy held on to her values and incorporated in the first three episodes of season 5.  They have experiences that no other can have because that is part of their own little world.  They may be distant this season as Bellamy and Clarke have different priorities, but they always have each other.  I love and value them as leaders and good friends, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Bellamy and Clarke had some incredible moments together, and no doubt will they continue having more.

Bellamy Blake

Unsung Hero 🎖

Bellamy is the definition of an “unsung hero.”  He had saved his family and friends on multiple occasions-and suffered the traumatic repercussions in return.  Yet, it wasn’t just family and friends that Bellamy rescued, but strangers and enemies.  Who remembers Mel, hanging on to dear life on a cliff, and Bellamy went down to bring her back up?  Or when he tried to save the children of Mt. Weather as they had no idea what was really going on?  These are just a couple of instances that Bellamy placed others first before him.  If saving others was not in the moment, then encouragement and confidence boosting was.   Emori was afraid that she will fail at landing their pod, Bellamy gave her reassurance and she successfully made the course.  Another is when Octavia was afraid to lead Wonkru in Praimfaya, but he gave her confidence that she could do it.  Whatever it is that someone needs, Bellamy will try to give it to them.  I just hope that the receiver appreciates it.

Bellamy Blake

The Ever-Changing Chameleon 🦎

Bellamy has altered his appearance a few times on The 100.  The reason?  To save others.  First, he was an Arkadian guard to stowaway on the dropship.  Then, he dressed as a Grounder to get inside Mt. Weather in season two.  Once inside, he takes the uniform of Lovejoy (of whom he killed with Echo) and imitates as a guard.  To save Clarke, or tries to, Bellamy disguises himself as an Azgeda warrior in Wanheda Part Two.  The point is that there is zero limit or boundaries when it comes to Bellamy’s heroism.

Bellamy Blake

Childrens’ Joy 🎈

When it comes to young kids, Bellamy has a natural paternal gift with them.  Whenever there is a lone child, he seems to “adopt” them.  Perhaps it is because Bellamy felt like he had failed at raising Octavia and he is trying to make up for his errors.  We have seen the relationship between Charlotte and him,  and sadly, her demise was made.  Yet, I want to see more interaction and development with Madi, because I am sure that they’ll have things to share.  Maybe Bellamy could share his story about his life both on the ground and the Ring, and Madi could exchange hers.  One can only hope for a storyline like that.

Bellamy Blake


Concluding, Bellamy Blake is a man of many complexed layers and arcs.  Whether he is giving an empowering speech on leadership, watching over his sister, or just having a moment of peace, we can all agree that Bellamy is a hero in his right.

What do you like or love about Bellamy Blake?  Feel free to express your thoughts!

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