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The Top 5 OMGs From The 100 Sleeping Giants

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Sleeping Giants

The 100 Sleeping Giants certainly didn’t keep one awake as it was filled with suspenseful moments and surprises.  Each scene provoked many a thought bubble and led to the ending that topped the cake.  I have chosen five scenes or moments that made it to an “OMG.”  See what they are from “Sleeping Giants” by continuing below.

The 100 Sleeping Giants Top 5 OMGs

5.  Rip Van Winkle Had Nothing On Cryo

Rip Van Winkle is a short story compiled by author Washington Irving in 1820.  The tale tells about a man, living in Colonial America (the 1700s) who falls asleep after too much drinking.  He awakes twenty years later and soon discovers that the world that he was accustomed and comfortable to was changed.  Van Winkle slept through the Revolutionary War and the official birth of the United States.  He has no comprehension of what has happened in the years that were lost, nor does he know anyone.

Now, jump nearly 300 years, and close to 300 people are in hyper-sleep.  They’ve slept through a devasting nuclear apocalypse, oblivious to what happened.  But unlike Van Winkle, the people asleep in the pods are hardened criminals.  When they awake, then atrocities and havoc will bloom.

Rip Van Winkle was a confused old man and the only “crime” he had committed was probably public intoxication-in which you were made a fool of for punishment.

When Echo, Murphy, and Monty discovered the “sleeping army,” they must come to terms of what to do.  Bellamy, who is now a matured leader, decides not to kill them, even though Cryo is badest of the bad.   For the moment, they’re still asleep and let’s hope they stay asleep because the gang has enough to deal with.

The 100 Sleeping Giants

4.  Murphy and Raven Stay Behind

In order to control the functions of both the ship and Cryo, Raven had to stay behind on Gagarin. This was a very hard choice for her to make as she couldn’t go down to earth with her family.  In a twist-and trying to impress Emori, Murphy offers to keep her company, unbeknownst that Raven lied about the return craft.  Not much is to be told, but this is a step forward in their friendship.  It is a very unselfish act on Murphy’s character, and perhaps he is subconsciously trying to prove to Bellamy that he isn’t “worthless.”

The 100 Sleeping Giants

3.  Emori Drops To The Ground-Safely

Under Raven’s teachings and wing, Emori learned a lot of being the second engineer and mechanic.  When Raven could not do the driving herself, Emori was frightened at the prospect of landing.  After all, this would be her very first time and the literal faith of friends’ lives were in her hands.  But, getting back to the ground was a necessity and their people were in possible danger.  Emori pushed her apprehension aside and landed the craft with no problem, and everyone cheered.  This will add great detail to further her character storyline.

The 100 Sleeping Giants

2.  Madi Finds Bellamy

Imagine moments after landing, trying to absorb the situation and you find out that there is someone looking for you?  Bellamy and the rest of Spacekru are shocked to see a kid-Madi and are even more confused when she knows him by name.  After telling him that Clarke’s alive, Madi leads him to her.  Of course, he is suspicious as he does not know the kid and she could very much be lying and be leading him into a trap.  Hey, I am just thinking what I may think in such a predicament.  Bellamy follows Madi and gets the surprise of his life,

The 100 Sleeping Giants


1.  “She Is”

I felt like everything in Sleeping Giants was leading up to this one moment:  Bellamy and Clarke reunite.  In fact,  Bellamy cleverly exchanges 283 lives for one: hers.  Clarke is a pretty important person as she did save them all in Praimfaya, and she taught them valuable lessons.  The look on her face was part disbelief and part relief when she saw Bellamy for the first time in six years.  Also, the look on his face was equally the same.  It was an important reunion for the two characters as they are the “head and heart” of the show and how being in each others’ lives make the narrative fulfilling.

The 100 Sleeping Giants


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Bonus OMG

Echo Slays Kodiak

Who would have thought that Echo-who was the espionage for Azgeda would come to the aide of her former enemies?  She did and she saved the lives of Bellamy-her boyfriend (just being honest) and Raven when Kodiak awoke and tries to kill them.  Echo may have been ruthless in the past, but now she is trying to redeem herself and become a better person.  Yet, Echo always been for her people, whether it be Azgeda or Spacekru, and she is trying to fit herself in where there is no aggressive law to follow.   Hopefully, she will continue this path.

The 100 Sleeping Giants


That rounds up this edition of Top 5 OMGs!  What did you think of the ones that were chosen?  Did you agree, or would you’ve picked differently?

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