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The Top 5 OMG’S From The 100 Pandora’s Box

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Pandora's Box

As there is no new episode this week, I thought I’d treat you with the Top 5 OMG’s from The 100 Pandora’s Box that aired May 15th.  This particular episode unhinged the evils from within, and some very compelling and emotional reunions.  It was the ending of the beginning of season five resulting with some incredible moments  You know the drill; not every moment can be an OMG, well they can, but that will take 2,199 days to list them.  In accordance, here are The Top 5 OMG’s From Pandora’s Box.

The Top 5 OMG’s From The 100 Pandora’s Box


5.  Kane Saves Abby

The reason was disclosed for Kane’s battle in the arena and it was to protect Abby.  Abby has stolen pills to feed her battle with drug addiction, and Kane had taken the fall for her.  Yet, much to Octavia’s dictating disdain, Kane is forced back into the arena.  An angry and power-hungry Octavia is about to kill Kane herself, only to be disrupted by the arrival of her brother, Bellamy.  Kane knows that Abby in her condition, would not be able to fight, although she pleaded to.  What this shows is that Kane is willing to put his own life on the line for her, but as the season expands, Abby is nearly at the rope’s end, and Kane is becoming powerless to help her.  Hopefully, Abby will kick her addiction because as she has so many that love her and it’s completely heartbreaking.

The 100 Pandora's Box


4. Mother And Daughter Meet Again

One of the reasons that acclimated to Abby’s addiction is the loss of her daughter, Clarke.  To her knowledge, Abby believed that Clarke went to the lab to get Raven, unbeknownst that she stayed behind to save them.  When Clarke saw her mother again for the first time in six years, it was a very emotional and wonderful reunion.  There was hope again in Abby’s eyes as she embraced her daughter again.  I just wish that this reunion lasted longer.

The 100 Season 5

3.  Sibling Strength

Bellamy’s purpose to get back to the ground was to see his sister.  The Blake sibling relationship is one of the most prominent and turbulent ones on The 100.  Each season brought them to drastic measures, but by the end, they managed to reconcile.   It was by a thread of fate or good fortune, that Bellamy dropped in when he did as Octavia was about to end Kane’s life.  Nothing else seemed to matter when the two hugged in a tearful and joyous embrace.  The old gem of Octavia-sweet, strong, and doting to her brother, glimmered through the bloodied mask.  But after the reunion, things quickly shifted back to reality; the moment broken.  Unfortunately, this will only be the only soft-hearted scene that will get from the Blakes for a while, so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

The 100 Pandora's Box


2.  Digging Out The Demon

Diyoza and the rest of Eligius used their equipment to help dig out the Bunkerkru, a goal that was on the list and was met.  Octavia was the first to be released to see the world, just like she was the first in the Pilot.  However, Octavia being dug out may have unveiled a whole wave of peril.  At the end of the episode, Octavia announced war with Eligius, after a near-fatal shot by one of the prisoners.  We can only hope that Octavia will be her old self once again.

The 100 Pandora's Box

1. Bellarke Hug 2.0

We did not get the proper Bellarke reunion in Sleeping Giants, as we know just how the feels roll when Bellamy and Clarke touch one another.  It is glory and more.  Thus, our hearts and minds over-computed when the two hugged for the first time in six f’ing years!  Bellamy is thankful that Clarke saved them all, and Clarke is in disbelief that all survived up in space.  Too bad that not enough time was spent on sharing what happened during their departures because It has shown a sign that things have indeed changed.  No matter what happens, they’ll always be the head and heart, the true leaders.

The 100 Pandora's Box


That finishes The Top 5 OMG’S from The 100 Pandora’s Box!  What did you think of the choices, and did you have a favorite scene that wasn’t picked?

Shifting Sands is next!  Watch out for it!

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