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The 100 Acceptable Losses Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich

All seemed to be at a “loss” in The 100 Acceptable Losses with the characters and their situations.  The episode had lots of twists and turns, and some stuff that even I was not expecting!  Yet, it illuminated the darkest of conflict and shine brightly on the ones that prevailed new hopes.  Check out the recap-review for The 100 Acceptable Losses.

The 100 Acceptable Losses Recap-Review

“What Do We Got To Lose?’

Episode 507 Aired June 19th, 2018

The 100 returned with its delivering and suspenseful narrative, political clashes, and always the questions of principles and morality.  507 also marks the halfway point in the fifth season.  Acceptable Losses continues off where Exit Wounds ended, so it was simple to follow the plot and connect.   In fact, the story line flowed smoothly and without error.  The characters themselves are in a flux as they must question their own consciences to help their own.  And there are those with no conscience at all.

Friend or Foe?

Echo has a clear mission to facilitate, but first, she must go through Diyoza and get Raven’s help.   This will probably raise some yellow flags, but Echo is determined.  Diyoza listens to Echo’s story and decides to use her.  Of course, we all know Echo is a master manipulator regarding her people and she has proven this once again.  Except that Diyoza is the first who hadn’t the slightest clue.  To gain her trust, she did have to call out on Zeke Shaw, who has deactivated the shock collars, a truth that he had shared with Raven.  Raven has decided on not going to be a part of the mission if it means betraying the only “good” guy of Eligius.  Which is understandable.

It does create a giant rip in their friendship as Echo go behind her back to ensure that the thumb drive is inserted into the main server.  Yet, this was done so intelligently and ruthless that not even Raven knew about it.  Better yet, it colored Diyoza the fool.  My only hope is that she won’t discover it.

The 100 Acceptable Losses

Echo has always been a character of making decisions that will benefit the survival of her people as she has been ingrained at an early age to do so.  She is back at making these choices, in which require disconnecting emotion, and achieving welfare for her people.  Now that Spacekru are her people, Echo probably had a challenging time deciding to execute the plan without the aide of Raven.  I loved the one-on-one interaction that the both partake in Acceptable Losses as it shown the depth of their close friendship before the switch.

Something tells me though that the two women will smooth the bump as Raven will understand why Echo done what she done.

As for Zeke, he was thrown in with the defectors, complete with collar, his face all mangled and swollen.  Whatever indication of a possible romance between Raven and Zeke has been dismantled-for now.  Raven’s heart softened a little, probably in a long time when she spoke with him.  But now, it has hardened again thanks to Echo.

As harsh and arctic as this move is, Echo done her purpose in Shadow Valley and now all she has to do now is wait.

“Be Careful Of The Dark”

Activity in the bunker is squirming with evil.  No, really!  Octavia is diving deeper into the darkness, spiraling out of control, and making things rather hard for Bellamy, Clarke, Indra, Monty, and Harper.   I think what crossed the line is her choice of weaponry: the breeding of the sand worms on live and dead subjects to use on the next batch of defectors.  The defectors will be infected with them when they arrive to “safe havens” in Shadow Valley, which means that those already in will be contacted.  Including Abby, Echo, Emori, Kane, Murphy, and Raven.  The very thought is rancid to stomach.

The major twist of the whole ordeal is that it was Octavia’s idea.  She has gotten her adviser Cooper to help with the project.  Not only that, but Clarke, Bellamy, and Indra are disgusted at the whole thing, and so am I.  But to make sure that something will benefit survivability, inhumane methods are used.  Octavia called out Clarke on her human experimentation to test Nightblood at Becca’s lab.

The 100 Acceptable Losses

What about the fates of Abby, Echo, Raven, Murphy, Emori, and Kane?  Octavia said that she wouldn’t infect them, but I did spot a devilish gleam in her eyes.  Perhaps, she is willing to risk their lives for the sake of her own.  I wouldn’t doubt it.  They’ll just be “acceptable losses.”

Indra confronts Octavia about her decisions, and she is not amused.  At all.  Indra, the one-time idol of Octavia has clearly has had it.   She can no longer feel like she can protect her, even though she has no shame of doing so.  Octavia at this point, has clearly dug herself deep into the darkness, and it’s harrowing.    My biggest hope and wish for Octavia is that Bellamy will be able to get her see the light- although his earlier attempts failed him.

And then, Octavia verbally attacks Indra and casts her out.  That is a big, fat “no-no!”  We do not yell at Indra, no matter what.

Monty’s Moment

My heart goes out to Monty as he suffered emotionally in Acceptable Losses.  For Jasper’s death, missing his algae farm, and the overall warring situation, it was no wonder that Monty was feeling lost.  He wondered if Jasper had done the right thing, as Jasper predicted that there will be no end to the fighting.

‘There is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is just the tunnel.” The suicide note from Jasper states.

That is a very grim outlook on life as it reflects absolutely no hope, and no joyous ending.  However, it rings true to the current events unfolding.  Monty believes if war is the only solution to live in Shallow Valley, then maybe they don’t deserve it.

The 100 Acceptable Losses

He is making the most sense out of all of them, not that Clarke’s own spotlight is dim, nor Bellamy’s; it’s just that there must be something nonbelligerent.  On The 100, all season endings wound up in war or a devasting number of deaths from all angles.  It’d be nice to witness the contrast for once as it would give the series something else to remember and be cemented on television.

After Echo’s success of switching the drives, Clarke realizes that Octavia will be ready to ship out the worms.  Clarke has a diverse tactic; instead of allowing Octavia carry out her wrenched plan, Clarke imposes that they’ll take out Octavia and surrender to Diyoza.

And Bellamy’s expression….

Talk about the issues.

A Warrior In Training

Young Madi has been instructed by Clarke to downplay her fighting as she is, after all, the last Nightblood.  Because of this “special” trait, she no doubt will win.  The cover is blown as Gaia cannot be outsmart by her attempts of failure.  She supports Clarke’s choice for Madi as she knows how important she is to her, and she wants no harm on Madi.

Snakes Are Creepin’ In Eden

Things are getting a bit more dramatic in Shallow Valley.  Abby is left to decide between Kane and her addiction, which enabled her to lose Karina.  When one has drug dependency, often loved ones will do everything that they could to try to help or coerce.  When the enabler dismisses the help, then the loved one departs as they no longer cannot mentally and emotionally cope with the burden.  I am positive that this was very difficult for Kane to propose, as he loves Abby unconditionally, but he is a person too and needs to take care of his own personal warfare.  Yet, something inside me tells me that Abby will overcome this demon and be even stronger.  She has too much to lose, and I’d hate to see her simply give up.

The 100 Acceptable Losses

Diyoza came to us with a shocking surprise.  She may be one of the most deliciously evil characters, but she is also, an expecting mother???  Holy moly.  Why would you want to bring up a child during a war?  And what type of parents will Diyoza and McCreary be as they’re not exactly model citizens?  I am drawing a blank about this.   There is also the question of how she could even think of taking tequila shots whilst pregnant and how that fetus survived during cryo-sleep?

The questions of life sure are pondering.

The 100 Acceptable Losses

Bonus Bullets

  • Bellamy going after his own sister and possibly “taking her down” does not fit well with him. But he knows that it is the only method that will stop her.
  • The juxtaposition of Octavia and Indra was one of the best highlights in Acceptable Losses.
  • Great performances from each cast member.
  • Jasper was the inspiration for peace.
  • We must have more Harper.
  • Where is Emori and Murphy?
  • Clarke and Bellamy work wonders, even though they’re not exactly “eye-to-eye” in Acceptable Losses.
  • Why is Madi being so defiant? Is it because she is a teenager?
  • Will Octavia go to battle with Madi?
  • Bellamy and Monty have a wonderful little friendship.
  • The Flame will be back again…
  • Diyoza’s unexpected pregnancy erased all conventual theories that I had for her. Why would you want to kill of a pregnant woman, no matter how evil she may be?  Damn, my beliefs.
  • I still hate Cooper.
  • We do not yell at Indra, Octavia.
  • Ethan became such a little jerk.
  • How did Echo know how to inject a drive? Sure, the task is simple enough, but how did she do it without looking?
  • I will tell you one thing; anyone dying won’t be an “acceptable loss” for me.

What did you guys think of The 100 Acceptable Losses?

The 100 Acceptable Losses

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