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ConAgeddon Ships Out To Boston

by Evelyn Ulrich

The United States premiere of The 100 convention, ConAgeddon had its debut in the city of Boston over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  The two-night, two-day event, pieced together by The 100 cast themselves, and the dedicated ConAgeddon team who hope to deliver exclusivity and intimate, one-on-one appreciation and life event for the fandom–and they have done it.  Very successfully.

Taking place at the Hilton Boston Logan Airport located–that’s right, Boston,  ConAgeddon was a convention that truly brought out of what a fan event should emulate.  It brought passionate fans from all around the globe to hang out with the gifted and charismatic The 100 cast and reciprocate emotional experiences, stories, and love.  It created a positive, lifting environment-thus having others feel at home and comfortable where perfect strangers became family, and old friends reunited.

Truth be told, I was debating on whether to attend as it just popped up and it was on the weekend where Boston is famous for.  But alas, I took the step, and I am glad that I did.   Sometimes, you have to as that is life.   ConAgeddon proved to be much more than your average con (not obliterating any)-it became something personable and unique.  The cast-of whom in attendance-Eliza Taylor (and Bowie), Bob Morley, Tasya Teles, Zach McGowan, and Rhiannon Fish, spent a considerable amount of time with each attendee, something that is not often done in cons as the attendance can get a high number and makes it nearly impossible to meet everyone.

Panels were dedicated to answering inquisitive questions from fans, showing fan-created videos, and getting the non-spoiler scoop on season five–which is to air April 24th.  And of course, what is a convention without a party or two?  Friday evening was the party exclusively for VIP holders–which transformed into a selfie fest with the cast, and engaging with fellow fans.  This was a party, in my opinion, THE party to go to because people just had such a fun time, and just pretty much went all out.

Additionally, Cancer Gets Lost has partnered with ConAgeddon and opened an online auction that ran through March 15th to the 22nd.  It featured one-of-a-kind fan art piece and The 100 memorabilia signed by the guests in attendance and more.  The auction ended tonight with a stupendous $4,382.00, passing the initial goal of $3500!  Every cent raised will benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Society to make sure that children can get treatment so that cancer can just be a thing of yesterday.  And that the suffering can end.

If you happened to miss out on ConAgeddon, they’re planning on another one next year!  Also, in the next few days, exclusive, high-resolution photos will be uploaded right here on Grounders Source!  I was the media partner for ConAgeddon and I managed to get quite a few photos!  Some of them are lingering on the Grounders Source Twitter and Instagram channels, so you can see them there.

Of course, I highly enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and reconnecting my love and passion for the show, which is rejuvenating and infectious-in a positive way.

Thank you to the ConAgeddon team and The 100 cast for making the first year a success and very memorable!

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