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Grounders Source is thrilled to announce that they’ve established a mutual media partnership with the first ever US The 100 convention, Conageddon!  This unique convention will be held during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, March 16th-18th in Boston, Massachusetts.  The venue will be on the harbor, at the Hilton Logan Boston Airport Hotel.   There will be parties, the whole VIP treatment, and so much more.

Fans will have an intimate experience at Conageddon with their favorite The 100 stars-Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Zach McGowan, Tasya Teles, and Rhiannon Fish, as there will be a VIP exclusive party and green rooms.  Not to mention, panels for everyone’s fancy and the traditional ops, selfies, autos, and special breakfast meet and greets!

Grounders Source will be covering all the behind-the-scenes stuff, including high-resolution photography, videos, and hopefully an interview or two!  We are slowly integrating media partnerships into the Grounders Source realm as it brings attention and increases acknowledgment for convention companies and attendance.   Also, it gives Grounders Source that one-of-a-kind addition to our news spectrums.   Lastly, it pursues a whole new level of appreciation and love for The 100.  We want the conventions to be successful, as they should be because they bring a lot of positive energy and joy to the cast, fandom, and others.  This will be the first US The 100 con that Grounders Source will be covering.

VIP Passes and regular passes on still on sale for Conageddon, and there are special discount codes that can be used for $100 off the Tasya Teles, Zach McGowan, and Rhiannon Fish VIP packages.   The VIP will cover admission, a breakfast meet and greet, access to the guest’s green room, a selfie, autograph, op, attendance to the VIP party (with the guests), and more.  You can click on the image below to get access to the Conageddon site that will give you all the information about the event and to purchase passes.


One panel in particular that fans will enjoy will be the “Bellarke” panel with Bobby and Eliza.  This will be their first panel together since the Florida SuperCon in 2015.   Their panel will begin at two and Jo Garfein will be moderating, along with the other Sunday panels.

There will also be an online auction, hosted by Cancer Gets Lost for Conageddon-starting March 15th through the 22nd, and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Society.  Potential bidders can pre-register for The 100 signed fan art items listed in the auction by heading to this link here.

Furthermore, you can follow Conageddon on Twitter to keep updated about the con and engage with other fans of whom that will be attending.

Follow Grounders Source on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated with the latest The 100 news.

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