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Eliza Taylor And Her Birthday Project

by Evelyn Ulrich
Eliza Taylor

October 24th is the Brave Princess’s birthday, and Grounders Source has invited The 100 fandom (Or Eliza fans), to be a very special part of it!  As any The 100 fan knows, Eliza Taylor portrays the strong, compassionate, and self-sacrificing Clarke Griffin.  In reality, though, Eliza is her own shining example of making life about just more than surviving.

In return for her beautiful commitment of doing such positive things, Grounders Source will be doing a fun, yet important project for Eliza.  Everyone is included on this, so no worry if you are a The 100 fan or not.  So, how can one join in on the celebration?  It’s quite simple.

  • Fans and participants can submit a favorite photo (fan photo ops are most welcome), fan art, or video clip/edit (must be credited) of Eliza to Grounders Source, either through email at grounderspodcast@gmail.com with the subject, “Birthday Project” or through a DM on Twitter @GroundersSource Be aware that no bashing of Eliza, The 100 cast, writers, crew, and fans is not permitted.  Anyone who does will be automatically banned from the project.
  • All must be following Grounders Source on Twitter in order to be eligible.  This is so you can keep updated on the progress.
  • Grounders Source will also hold a Gofundme fundraiser, entitled “Our Gift To Eliza Taylor”  $1000 USD will be raised for Eliza’s Koh Tao Primary School in Thailand.  The page can be found here:gofundme.com/our-gift-to-eliza Each donation made, a Clarke Griffin Chibi fanart digital piece will be given out.
  • All submissions must be made Sunday, October 22nd by 12 AM CT. All entries will collaborate into something very unique that will be shared across all of Grounders Source social media platforms.
  • The hashtag created for this project is #BravePrincessBirthday


Here is a past project that the fans had done for Eliza.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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