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Eliza Taylor’s New School Project

by Evelyn Ulrich
Eliza Taylor

The 100 cast are an especially giving group of people who are trying hard to make the world a better place.  One example of this is Eliza Taylor, who is raising money for a non-profit school in Thailand.

Via Eliza Taylor’s GoFundMe page:

Eliza Taylor

As you have probably noticed from my instagram, I have two beautiful god children  living on the Island of Koh Tao, Thailand – Kasper and Pepper. Their parents, two of my best friends, moved there from Australia seeking inner and outer peace, stronger community and stronger values for their children to grow up with.

Eliza Taylor

We noticed that Kasper’s lovely Thai and Myanmar immigrant friends were slowly leaving the island, many without their parents, to go to school far away where they could get a better education at an affordable price. Most children would never be able to access anything above a basic Thai education, something that Myanmar immigrant children would never benefit from when they return home, where Thai is not spoken.

Eliza Taylor

To cut a long story short, Claire and I decided we would attempt a Not for Profit School, that was run only to cover its own costs to keep the fees as low as possible. As we did the numbers we realised the more children that went to the school, the lower the school fees would go, and more children would have access to it. Most importantly – Families could stay together.

Two years later, the school has become a reality and the children are thriving. However, the space they rent together with a private kindergarten is being sold. The school can’t afford to move. When I came to visit I could see the education standard was fantastic, but if we could acheive rent free land then resources like playground equipment, proper sized classrooms and flushing toilets would be attainable.

Eliza Taylor

So this is where you step in…

My hope is that you and I together, can save Koh Tao International Primary. We can help to further develop the Not for Profit structure so that it can be replicated in other parts of the World like Thailand and Myanmar.

Eliza Taylor

Any donation, no matter how big or small, will make a huge difference. We have a list of Thai and Burmese children waiting for the fees to lower so they can attend the school.

These kids really need us. Your contribution will mean the world to them and me.

Thank You,

Love EJ


Every child on the planet deserve a great education, and while some countries provide just that, others do not.  I believe that every child should have access to schooling.  So, any donation will help, and if you cannot, then just sharing the love will be just as appreciative.

To donate to Eliza’s school, please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/elizataylorschool

For more information on Kao Tao International Primary, please visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Eliza Taylor’s Twitter and Instagram

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