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Announcing Con-Geda’s Fourth Guest

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

Grounders Source has learned Con-Geda’s next confirmed guest, and are quite excited.  But, here are a few clues to see if you can figure them out. This person has had an incredible character arc over the course of four seasons of The 100; they can survive in any given situation; they have been arrested for theft.  Give up?  You can see who they are below.

If you guessed Richard Harmon, aka John Murphy, you are correct.  Richard will be at Con-Geda all weekend long to hang out with the fans, give autographs, meet and greets, photo ops, panels, and so much more.  He will be joining along with Lindsey, Eli, Nadia, and one other unannounced guest at the June 22nd-24th convention.  Richard, like Lindsey and Eli, will be a “Red” guest, and you can see his official announcement below.

The 100

Tickets for passes, autographs, meet and greets, photo ops, and extras will go on sale this Friday, October 27th.  Con-Geda will be held at Crowne Plaza LAX in Los Angeles, CA, and guests attending can receive an exclusive room discount by going to the End Of The World Events link.

There is still one more The 100 guest that has yet to be announced, so be sure to check back to see who they are!

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