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The 100 Season Four DVD Giveaway

by Evelyn Ulrich

With The 100 season four DVD dropping this Tuesday, July 18th, Grounders Source will celebrate the occasion wholeheartedly.  What better event to do just that?


In honor of the DVD release, Grounders Source has a very special thing planned just for The 100 fans.  Of course, do not think it will be that simple because hard work and challenges are most rewarding!  Here are the guidelines to launch The 100 season four DVD giveaway:

  • In order for the giveaway to start, which will be open on all its social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube), Grounders Source is requesting that these will reach a certain number following.

•10,000 followers on Twitter

•100 likes on Facebook

•500 followers on Instagram

•200 subscribers on YouTube

  • Once the criteria are met, the giveaway will begin.  It will be a themed The 100 contest that won’t take a lot of time on the participants.  In fact, it will be something that everyone can do, whilst channeling their unique creativity.
  • You can help get the giveaway started by promoting it by tweeting, Instagram, or Facebooking, and use the hashtag #The100DVDGiveaway and handle @GroundersSource (Twitter and Facebook) and @grounders_source (Instagram).  Use photos and/or special attentive text/meta to do so.  Remember to tag the photos with the Grounders Source name.
  • The quicker this done, the quicker the giveaway will start.
  • A full description of the contest will be available soon.
  • Any questions, please DM them on Twitter.

I know that this can be done efficiently as The 100 is held by a strong fan base and much support.  In addition, it’s a fun thing to do during the not necessary long hiatus.

And, if The 100 season four DVD is not enough, I am going to throw in a “What’s Wrong With A Little Chaos” t-shirt designed by Bob Morley for the Jed Foundation.  It will be quite the prize pack!  By the way, the shirts are still on sale on represent.com until July 21st.  As a surprise, I will be also including a Bellamy Blake Funko Pop! figure as some of The 100 charaters will be discontinuing.  The 100 Season Four DVD Giveaway

The 100 Season Four DVD

To speed up the process, all you need to do is share about the giveaway, and follow the social media accounts.

Follow Grounders Source on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest The 100 updates.  You may also leave a comment below.


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